GR: Star Ocean: Second Evolution Review

GR writes: "I realize that everything nice I've said has been rebutted with a glaring flaw, but this is a really great game. If you missed it on the PS1 and you like classic RPGs, then you really owe it to yourself to play this, though you may want to turn the sound off to avoid the bad voice-acting".

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Crimsonite3999d ago

Almost as big a flop as star ocean the last hope.

Strikepackage Bravo3999d ago

played Star Ocean Last Hope? I noticed it has been getting pretty good reviews, would you say its a buy or rental?

ceedubya93998d ago

you aren't one of those people that are critical of English voiceovers, and don't care if the storyline isn't groundbreaking, then by all mean BUY this game. The battle system alone is worth the price of admission imo.

dustgavin3999d ago

Hey, I am a huge Sony fan and can admit when any game is a flop. Even on psp.