Star Ocean: Second Evolution for PS4, PS Vita launches October in Japan

The downloadable re-release of Star Ocean: Second Evolution will launch for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this month in Japan, Square Enix announced.

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Imortus_san1470d ago

Are they not releasing a PS3 version?

SegaSaturn6691470d ago

So2 was my fave game of all time. Its painful to see the game adapt to the horrible tv anime artstyle.

Forum_Pirate1470d ago

I hate to break it to you and your nostalgia goggles but that's pretty much always been what they do. Both SO specifically and JRPGs in general. The primary difference is that in the late 90s games were either sprite based or block monsters and both typically (there are exceptions) do a poor job representing the anime standards of the time. If you need proof, look to just about any character portrait in any JRPG from pre PS2 era and notice they'd almost invariably be right at home in an anime.

SegaSaturn6691469d ago

I disagree. Look at so3 and so4. The moeblob style is like watching the game re enacted by Hamtaro..

Geobros1470d ago

A western release please too...

RedDevils1470d ago

Likely it come around spring next year

VsAssassin1470d ago

I want to replay this game. Here's hoping the english version gets released too.

ThunderPulse1470d ago

Was SAO inspired by this game?

lodossrage1470d ago

Actually, I think Sword Art Online was inspired by the .Hack series.

Oddly enough, they're both made by the same company, Namco Bandai.

Sly-Lupin1470d ago

Uh... SAO came first, and was made by a person, not a company.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Actually sly, both came out in 2002. Chances are the first .hack game(i.e. first of .hack) was in production longer than the first SAO light novel.

If we're going by release though. .hack//infection was june 2002, and the first SAO light novel was Oct 2002. However, given how close both were it's safe to say NEITHER influenced the other.

lodossrage1469d ago


You DO realize we're talking about the GAMES, not the IPs themselves right?

The .Hack games came out LONG before the first SAO game. And they WERE NOT made by one person.

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