Warhawk - Multiplayer Design Interview

Find out what goes into designing an arcade-like multiplayer experience and making it run.

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ReconHope4638d ago

lol yeah i only got one ps3 this will be usefull for me and my brother.

techie4638d ago

Yuh you can online with a friend and have battle plans to kick some butt! How cool is that!?

Gamer134638d ago

What about offline splitscreen.

IM OUT...///"""

Siesser4638d ago

well, the game is MULTIPLAYER only. So I'd imagine it's online only as well.

techie4638d ago

COuldn't it be like time-spliters? Or are they not having AI characters?

Siesser4638d ago

I suppose that's possible, but given the size of the matches (upwards of 32 players, right?) and the fact that many of the modes require some semblance of strategy, I assumed there wouldn't be a bunch of bots running around.

Could be though.

CAPS LOCK4638d ago

i loved timesplitters, in my opinion it was one of the best games ever, it was so arcadey and easy going, i loved being the monkey and i loved playing games like virus.

this game sounds great and was one of the reasons i was going to get a ps3, i think its a downloadable doest matter it beats quing up in GAME...

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