Xbox Evolved - The Chronicles of Riddeck: Assault on Dark Athena Hands-On Preview

*Note this is not a preview of the latest demo but instead, the latest build of the game and multiplayer*

From XE:

"It's not often that games based on movies or books actually turn out to be good. In fact, it's a practically nonexistent portion of gaming. Due to complicated licensing issues, shortened development time or a general misunderstanding of the original content the game adaptation often suffers and ends up finding its way into the $2.00 bargain bin at an incredible rate. Imagine our surprise when Starbreeze's Escape from Butcher Bay for the original Xbox managed to break the mold, bringing Vin Diesel's famous Riddeck character to the gaming world spotlight and slicing its way to the forefront as a sleeper hit to be dealt with."

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GiantEnemyCrab4011d ago

Wait? Aren't all your Xbox's Red Ringed??

Am I supposed to listen to an Xbox site that tells me not to buy a 360?

hahaha nope.

Blaze9294011d ago

ever heard of a debug unit? I'm guessing no.

GiantEnemyCrab4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Yes I have and you are telling me Xbox Evolved has a 360 debug? I also know how much they cost and how difficult they are to get hands on one.

This site advice to gamers is don't buy a 360. If I was to listen to that POS opinion I would of missed out on what I consider the best console experience I've had since the SNES. I've also recommended the box to many people and all are happy and have not experienced any technical issues.

My comment was more sarcasm but the last place I'm going to get my gaming advice for 360 is from one that says "Don't Buy One".

@below: I've seen preview copies of games that don't require a debug. Anyway, I guess the /sarcasm tag was needed at the end of that.

Blaze9294011d ago

well debug disc dont run on normal 360s now do they?

slak4011d ago

and its fu*king awesome