Need for Speed SHIFT 'best-looking racing game ever' writes: "Need for Speed SHIFT is "the best-looking racing game ever made", developer Slightly Mad Studios has boldly claimed. Not only that, but the stunning screen shots are all in-game, and not, as some have suggested, renders."

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Leio4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Wow impressive!!But best ever?? nahh

InfectedDK4000d ago

It may turn out as a good game and it could even be the new "Grid" if they are lucky but it wont exactly be the new "GT".

blind-reaper4000d ago

It looks really good in the GT5 league but I'll wait to see video just in case those are bullshots.

Sarah Palin4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Best. Game. Ever.

I think it looks better than the last few NSF games, so I think its safe to say it the "BEST LOOKING NSF GAME EVER".

SuperM4000d ago

No way its going to look as good as GT5. It might look good but GT5 often looks real.

stevenhiggster4000d ago

Definately looks very good, but it certainly isn't the best ever. GT5 anyone?

XGRaViSmOrSX4000d ago

wait NFS....? this series just needs to do itself a favor and finally roll over and die.

how many times can we play the SAME game over and over again. whether it be this or grid its still the same crappy arcade style racing.

if i want arcade racing i'll play PGR or Burnout.


gt5 will blow this out the park

beardpapa4000d ago

It's the best looking racing game ever in the world of NFS ;-)

Personally I'll pass on this for Forza 3 and GT5.

TreborRversed4000d ago

its EA so i'll believe it when i see it

phosphor1124000d ago

There is WAY too much motion blur. If you race, you get a blur, but you don't see 1 object stretched 10ft, your brain processes things better than that. Also, GT5P is still trumping it, you can clearly see the low poly count in the Steering wheel and such. Not trying to nitpick, but this guy is having such claims that they have the don't. Still looks good, but no...GT5 is the best simulator anyways...Love playing it online on professional. Can't wait for the full game.


best looking (MULTIPLATFORM) racing game.

Mister_Dawg4000d ago

GT just got its ass handed to it!!!!!!

MNicholas3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

The in-car view actually looks pretty decent in the few tiny screens shown. However it's not in the GT5 class. The shiny plastic look is easy to pull off. Making a leather lined interior look like it's made wit real hand stitched leather is something else all together.

Overall fidelity seems to be in the Forza 2 class.

kparks3999d ago

it might look good but i cant contribute to EA they keep shoving out crappy sequels just to make a quick buck....the only game i will buy from EA is fight night

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DK_Kithuni_714000d ago

No good will ever come out of the series again.

Wanna race? Get GRID and GT5.

Marcelles254000d ago

they just need to make it like Most wanted and it will be gold
but the best ever highly doubt it GT5 best ever
grid looks like the screens

DelbertGrady4000d ago

It's made by a completely new team. I love the way they are approaching it.

This might get you more hyped about it.

yamamoto1144000d ago

GRiD and GT5 are simulators. It's a different breed than arcade racers, which is where most NFS games have traditionally stood (aside from the horrific ProStreet).

DelbertGrady4000d ago

Sorry, but GRID is as arcadey as it gets. Maybe you meant Forza 2 and GT5? But both of those games are also arcadey if you compare them to RacePro or GTR2.




build uber pc(i want a i7 platform anyways)
buy grid 2.
buy fear2.

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LeShin4000d ago who cares?

I was done with the NFS brand after Most Wanted. I won't be tricked into handing any more dough to the NFS devs anymore.

Damn, Undercover was awful!

DelbertGrady4000d ago

And that's why EA decided to get rid of the developers and create an all new team for this one. I don't think it will be anything like the others.


lol, most wanted was fun.
I never bought the last one.
I wont, either.

Bengoshi-San4000d ago

I guess these devs have never seen or played GT5P.

hakis864000d ago

Yeah, cars in GT5P look 10 times better than NFS Shift.
Lol almost funny that they're claiming to have the best looking car game, when it so clearly is beaten by Gran Turismo

popup4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

The backdrops look great (well motion blur always helps) and the car models themselves are good but the lighting is still way off GT5-P. Also, race cars have all the stickers to help pad out the model and require generally less polygons than roadcar models as you can see by the thin-panel look of the bodywork.

It looks great and the perfect anti-aliasing on the shots helps a lot too. Car lighting is and always has been GT's secret ingredient. Have a look yourselves and put on the car enthusiast specs ;)

ZuperAmazingCooKie4000d ago

After all, all he does is use multiplatform games (and vaporware) for his examples.