Neocrisis: 360 Can't Handle Star Ocean?

Neocrisis writes: So I have been playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope for a few days now and will be writing up my review very soon but while playing I have come across quite the annoying glitch.


Updates has been added to reflect possible fixes to the problem.

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swiftshot933569d ago

nope, SE is just making the choice to not invest time and money for anything thats not final fantasy (on consoles)

drewdrakes3569d ago

Agreed, anything that doesnt run well on this generation of consoles should be put down to crappy programming.

GUNS N SWORDS3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

"Neocrisis: 360 Can't Handle Star Ocean?"

wrong question, bioware and mistwalker's two rpgs hit way higher notes than what's out now. right now the only thing both companies (tri-ace and SE) are interested in is getting these games off their waiting lists.

to make an RPG, takes real work. this article wouldn't have even been posted if tri-ace wouldn't have made it's mistakes with this game.(such as bad programming)

iamtehpwn3569d ago

Has suffered from technical issues. Blue dragon is the only one that hasn't, although ironically, Lost Odyssey suffered from long load times, though I LOVED that game.

DJ3569d ago

Such as noticeable framerate stuttering and textures not loading properly or at the right time.

Chuvanes3569d ago

exclusive JRPG in xbox360 = glitch fest

cayal3569d ago

Square Enix are just getting lazier it seems. Prefer the money and not the work needed to make a good game.

Have they had a change of leadership or something over there?

GUNS N SWORDS3569d ago

"Even Bioware's RPG (Mass Effect) had huge technical problems
Such as noticeable framerate stuttering and textures not loading properly or at the right time."

i still play the game, ever since NXE's HDD installation it's been one of my most played RPGs. i have to say it's cut down on a lot of things.

Diugu3569d ago

Its obvious that this is the developers fault. They didnt program properly for this game and it shows.

Sub HD graphics, glitches, etc.

Bonsai12143569d ago


they merged with Enix. its when they they started to drop in quality.

ChampIDC3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Some of you people seem to forget that the game is developed by tri-Ace and only published by Square Enix.

tplarkin73569d ago

I thought The Last Remnant was supposed to be AAA. I bought it and then returned it after 1 hour of play. The game needed another year (even then it would have just been a status quo JRPG).

I'm not getting burned by SE again. If an SE game receives less than 9 on gamerankings or metacritic, I'm not giving it a chance.

DelbertGrady3569d ago

And apparently the PS3 couldn't handle GTA IV...

Has nothing to do with the consoles. This glitch has appeared on both 360 and PS3 games. Didn't Fallout 3 suffer from it as well?

vhero3568d ago

There probably won't ever be a fix except for a PS3 version that wont crash... You can shout the 360 can handle anything the ps3 can until your blue in the face but games like SO prove otherwise.

HoofHearted3568d ago

It's the first time it ever happened to me too. I'm on the Cardianon (sp?) Mothership in the part where the red barriers open and close. The thing that really pisses me off is that the save points are already few and far between. I was maybe 5 minutes from getting to the next save point and the game froze. I was so mad I simply quit.

If this becomes a pattern I'll give up on the game. I don't have the patience to play the same things over and over because it keeps freezing.

edgeofblade3568d ago

"Even more think that perhaps the combat in the game is just to intense for the 360 to handle and that the combination of the graphics on screen and the buttons being mashed on the controller is too much for the console to handle and it gives up the ghost in the process."

This has got to be a joke, and a poorly executed one at that. It would be just like a dingbat JRPG player to not understand that games are programmed, not woven from pure gold thread by Rumpelstiltskin. The "intensity" of the game has nothing to do with how well it runs. It has EVERYTHING to do with memory registers, draw buffers, and processing cycles.

Me thinks someone is trying to paint the 360 as a flustered granny trying to drive on the freeway and having a panic attack. It's not like that at all.

AAACE53568d ago

For SE, anything that isn't called Final Fantasy or Dragon quest is just a cloud of smoke to keep gamers occupied until those hit.

SpoonyRedMage3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

@tplarkin7: Well very few JRPGs get over 90 on Metacritic in fact the only ones that have in the last three years were FFXII, FFVI(GBA), Chrono Trigger DS and Persona 4. So Square aren't doing that bad, they're just not doing as good as they used to after VII.

Although I think with each successive entry less people buy it because it's not one of the older ones. for instance many people not like VIII for being different from VII and not liking IX for being wildly different from both VII and VIII. Square really hit gold with FFVII and their fanbase has dwindled ever since.

EDIT: @^: You're absolutely right although the other games aren't necessarily bad, they're just nothing compared to their main series. I think they'd be a lot better recieved if they were made by a smaller company who doesn't have two of the most famous RPG series out there already.

IdleLeeSiuLung3568d ago

What the writer is reporting is interesting information, but the title is flame bait. Why are you saying 360 can't handle Star Ocean?

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Helghast Slayer3569d ago

Just like the first comment. I think SE don't want to invest too much money/dev time in any rpg unless it has Final Fantasy in it. Sadly Quality Assurance is not a major priority for them. I mean why would you bother when you know you'll still get paid for mediocre games lol.

I think i'll stay away from any SE rpg's until Final Fantasy is released.

Game13a13y3569d ago

i guess Microsoft should write them a bigger check next time.

Narutone663568d ago

having trouble with Tekken 6 too.
To think that they say that it is easier to program for the xbox 360.

rhood0223569d ago

And yet another 360 rpg with technical issues. If it isn't stuttering frame rates, it's long load times and freezing.

But seriously, hopefully it's an isolated incident. I just started playing it yesterday and, so far, haven't run into this issue. But to be fair, I'm only about an hour in.

ThePlaystation3guy3569d ago

Your mom couldn't handle Star Ocean!! OH SNAP!

Game13a13y3569d ago

Once again, this guy ain't making any sense yet he has more bubbles than me, i don't get this world anymore.

evrfighter3569d ago

if you want more bubbles than all you need to do is comment in a kz2 article. (there should be about 10 on the front page) and join the circle jerk brigade.

N4Flamers3569d ago

I was reading the comments and you wrote kz2 bubbles for you
see how easy it is

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TheColbertinator3569d ago

I decided to hold off SO4 for now.It looks like a good RPG but I am currently knee deep in other games at the moment

jazzking20013569d ago

i wish that it was on the ps3

MrWonderful3569d ago

@ jazzking2001
it will be on ps3 sooner or later. mark my words

ff13lover3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

ps3 should get this

TheMART3569d ago

But it isn't. Now what?

ViceKingz3569d ago

and you don't know for sure mart. theres no 360 exclusivity tag on the box. now what?

Kleptic3568d ago

well this has to be frustrating for both PS3 and 360 owners...

a lot of PS3 owners are familiar with the series, but instead had to sit back and watch 360 owners brag about having it first...nevermind that its nearly at Wii resolution and that the 360 apparently can barely run it...

oh well...I haven't been interested in a Jrpg since FFVII...but I can see where some from both sides would be pissed...

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