This week's new video game releases (week of 3/2/09)

There's a nice variety of games to select from in the week ahead. Halo Wars will be the biggest release this week and will open the RTS (real time strategy) genre to more players. With the Halo crossover, probably more gamers will experience a home console RTS game than ever before on the Xbox 360. Baseball fans have MLB '09 on the PS3 and PSP as well as Major League Baseball 2K9 for just about every platform. Tom Clancy's HAWX brings some nice air combat gameplay. Make sure to try the downloadable demo if you haven't yet. The demo is available from Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) debuts on the PlayStation Portable. There's a demo for that too, but Phantasy Star fans will probably be eager to pick up SEGA's RPG anyway. For the Wii, Sonic returns in another one of his storybook games, Sonic and the Black Knight.

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resistance1003616d ago

wait, Europe got a halo game before America O_o

caffman3616d ago

same day as killzone 2 in the UK, the 27th

vmanj3616d ago

i can not wait til i play HAWX and halo warz...

Myst3616d ago

I didn't know Sonic and the black knight came out this week also...Darn my eyes were so intent upon killzone 2 I missed that one. It also seems Phantasy Star Portable came out to...Ugh, I feel bad now having to figure out which game to get first and which I will have to boot off the list next month.