What needs to change in the RTS Genre

RTS; it's a beloved genre...but it's in dire need of originality or it risks being consigned to a small pool of fans.

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dmonee1214d ago

In my opinion, they have evolved and become more complicated. Way back in the day with command and conquer games, they were easier to pick up and play. I’ll actually go further back to a $70 Super Nintendo game called “Metal Marines”. Not sure if I’m off the mark, but these cellphone, real time strategy games become overwhelming quickly to me. There’s too much going on at once and it turns me off. Not sure if there are any on consoles to be honest. If there is a RTS that is on PS4, I’m open to the recommendation

waderae1214d ago

Metal marines... what a game, and Herzog Zwei too.

Ensemble Studios and Westwood closing spelt absolute disaster for RTS games, with exception of blizzard, no one made any real good ones. Microsoft and EA ruined two top franchises before closing the studio. such a shame

BenRC011214d ago

Over complicated. Dawn of War 1 was almost the perfect rts, its all been downhill since.


Pikmin Nendoroid is a Lot of Fun; Preorders Now Open

Following a surprise reveal last week, GoodSmile Company formally revealed their Pikmin Nendoroid. - IS

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Nintendo Considers Pikmin A Flagship IP, Offers Update On Next Gen Console

Nintendo considers its real-time strategy series, Pikmin, a flagship IP, based on the latest details from its recent shareholder meeting.

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Jin_Sakai151d ago

Pikmin 4 is great. The new camera system made everything better.

Cacabunga150d ago

I like the concept of this game but it really gets boring in the long run. Nintendos flagship could be F-Zero, they really need to bring it back

-Foxtrot150d ago

I’d prefer a StarFox spin off like the GameCube Adventure games. I found them to be fun despite being different to the main core games.

RaiderNation150d ago (Edited 150d ago )


I'd love a new Star Fox game done in a similar format to Starlink, but with a better story and better enemy variety.

Nebaku150d ago

Every subsequent F-Zero sold worse than the prior.

If it's a flagship title, I think the flag will sink with the ship.

MrBaskerville150d ago

I love Pkimin 4, but wish they'd lean more into the rts aspects of the game. Would be interesting if you were using pikmin to gather resources and building stuff. Wouldn't mind if it strayed a iittle bit away from the cozy game territory. Atleast in spin-off.

MrBaskerville150d ago

Everyone hated the rts sections or what?

ifinitygamer150d ago

The "next gen console update" part of this is so clickbaity. The Nintendo president offered an update that they have nothing to update us on.

Crows90150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

I'm all in for a new Nintendo generation if they can give us

New smash
New Mario party
New Metroid
New Zelda both in 3d and 2d
New starfox
New IP
New and better pokemon game that really advances the IP

ifinitygamer150d ago

So you want all new Nintendo games from every franchise lol
Not making fun but it's like every major franchise, minus Mario for some reason?

talocaca150d ago

I live in Japan and Pikmin 4 did surprisingly well. Tons of collaborations and marketing. Even now they play ads on the trains.

One of my favorite franchises ♥️

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It Seems Pretty Clear Why StarCraft 3 is Not a Thing Yet

Even though fans have been clamoring for a StarCraft 3 for years now, it seems like Blizzard really has no reason to spend time making one.

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StormSnooper238d ago

They sort of ran the story as far as it could go.

Also, it seems like blizzard is more busy with mediocrity at this point in time.

Jingsing238d ago

The problem with Blizzard is they have franchises that don't need sequels. People are happy playing the games that they previously made. What they need is new games, none of this business of trying to transport the old audience into a new version of an old game which only ends up nickle and dime'ing users.