Gametrailers Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Can this 360 exclusive help the series achieve star status?

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swiftshot933520d ago

i have no interest in this game for some reason, it just looks meh to me. I'd rather wait for Mass Effect 2 than be handed this game for free.

cyrus2283520d ago

wat a wanna be gamer then,

this game is awesome, idiots who pass it up will just miss out. why cant u play this then mass effect? w/e im luvin it

Rock Bottom3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I know I'd get in trouble for this, still...

According to your logic of "idiots who pass it up..." more than 90% of 360 owners are considered idiots for not buying this game, is that what you're trying to say?

cyrus2283520d ago

ok i shud have clarified,

"idiots who pass it up because they think it looks stupid or want to judge blindly will be missing out.

this game in my opinion is coming close to valkyria chronicles....actually i think i like it more. ahhh well i just beat star ocean 1 last month and star ocean 2 yesterday so im updated on the background info, so i know whats going on, its pretty cool.

only sad thing is it wud have sold much better if it was multi right away just cuz um star ocean 1 snes, SO2 ps1, SO3 ps2, SO1 psp, SO2 remake psp....SO4 360???? huh lol. but it will be on ps3 later, if theres enough extra stuff i will get it on that too. if new characters and such are announced.

the guide tells u its timed exclusive lol, says for 360 version. so duuuh :p

Rock Bottom3520d ago

That's much better.

Other than Final fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest and Level-5's games, JRPGs doesn't usually score higher than 8, most JRPG fans would be satisfied with SO4, as for me, I "might" pass on this game, not because of the review scores though, I'm more of traditional RPG type, action RPGs doesn't interest me that much.

I played SO3 from start to finish, so if no great RPGs games show up(console or handheld) until summer, I'll pick this one up. :)

cyrus2283520d ago

u played SO3 and liked it? glad. but SO4 is atleast 3 times better, the story is so good and has alot of comedy with private actions. and the combat is the best in the series, tho i know wat u mean by wanting traditional but those arent to popular anymore, i still luv em tho *lost oddesy ar tonelico etc, but SO4 has me hooked.

hope u played valkyria chronicles, such an awesome game and so unique

Ichiryoka3520d ago

trust me the story is not better than Valkryia chronicles story, actually star ocean 4 has very corny dialogue that will leave like wtf are you serious. Most of the dialogue leaves you with an awkward feeling. The combat is great though. But if you go in thinking the story will be really good, you will not get what you are hoping for.

Danja3520d ago

I agree also..SO normally has the some really corny story and dialogue..but we all buy it for the combat cuz it's just pure fun..
SO3 completely ruined the the Franchise for me...the story got lame half way through...thanks in part to that stupid twist...some-one watched to much Matrix while making that game..

but im gonna buy SO4 ne ways....since I am a fan of the games

Cicinho3520d ago

Was gonna download this game to give it a try but it was 3 discs, fúck that.

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Sonyslave33520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

lol u have no interest in this game wasn't it u saying square please port SO4 on the ps3.

OmarJA3520d ago

No you keep it (it's coming anyway), just another medicore JRPG nothing new here...

-Playing VC-

Zeus Lee3520d ago

Good score,will pick this one up once it hits the bargain bin.

N4Sony3520d ago

Cause you don't own a 360.

ace09913520d ago

I was in bestbuy today and i broke down and bought this game. I planned on getting it anyway but it wasn't in my budget this period hahaha. But one look inside the game guide and i couldn't resist. It is a very solid game and I'm glad i bought it.

Obama3520d ago

GT said the English voice acting is horrible. That's the problem with dvd folks, as the dev can't utilize the Japanese dub due to the lack of space.

By the way, GT seems to like VC a lot more as they gave the game a 9.1 :)

XDF3520d ago

OK...But..But...Gametrailer is bias .......

OT: Star Ocean is a great game. Been playing it for 2 days now. When is the next PS3 RPG going to be out????? Have fun waiting Obama.

PirateThom3520d ago

Cross Edge is out in May 2009 in North America.

N4PS3G3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Too bad you don't have much to choose from Obama maybe you and PirateThom should check cross edge!

looks real solid!

Famitsu - X Edge 6/6/7/4 = 23/40

*goes back to playing Star Ocean* =)

cyrus2283520d ago

voice r great!, sept lymle's.....robotic sounding lil girl lol

otherwise they have emotion unlike most western games. i mean acting may not be as good as valkyria chronicles but still very good

PirateThom3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Haze - 9/8/9/8 - (34/40)
Lair - 9/7/8/9 - (33/40)
The Last Remnant - 10/10/9/9 (38/40)

Yeah, Famitsu aren't exactly reliable.... unless you think Haze, Lair and The Last Remnant are worth checking out as well.

N4PS3G3520d ago

ujum...japanese mag reviewing 2 american games...except for last remnant ..

those are the only games people bring up..2 american games?

that means they must suk ..and so do all of their reviews...right??

Metal Gear Solid 4- 40/40
Little Big Planet -38/40
Valkyria Chronicles-34/40

Obama3520d ago

When it comes to jrpg, I have really high standard. I would rather have VC than all the 360 jrpg combined at this point. However, I must say I like Tales of Vesperia a lot, and can't for the ps3 version with extra content. :)

solidsnakus3520d ago

i dont understand what the problem is. shiitty voice acting has nothing to do with the dvd space, its just has to do with them and the actores they hired. it having more space wouldnt make a diffrence. even if it was in japanese voices it be worse cause youd have to read the text which is even more lame than listening to voice even if its bad.

Obama3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I always find the original voice of, whether it be movies or games, better than dub. Without a doubt the Japanese voice acting of SO4 is better than its counterpart, and the only reason it is not utilized is because of the lack of storage. We all know it.

Also how is reading text lame? Unless you have some sort of reading problems I don't find a problem with reading text and listening in game dialogue at the same time. It's called multi-tasking.

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