Gamerstek: Killzone 2 Review

Some say that Killzone 2 is already the best shooter ever released for the PlayStation 3 system. Read our review to find out our honest opinion about Guerrilla Games Killzone 2.

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STARS3521d ago

Very good score and nice review, good to see the PS3 finally has an exclusive AAA FPS.

II Necroplasm II3520d ago

On to Killzone 2 I have got to the sewer so far I had to take a breather.

The sound just Wow...... The music is so awesome. The graphics the dust and wind and rain even looking at the water leaking out of the roof, Just wow I still can't believe this is even a PS3 game!!

CobraKai3520d ago

I just took a break muhself. Killzone, more like THRILLZONE, am I right?
The only way this game can get any better is if the lead character's name was actually Killzone.

luflee3521d ago

Nice review. Couldn't agree more with the score. Like i said before, this is the best PS3 shooter so far if not the best fps ever.

Gamerstek3521d ago

I believe we will see more quality like this still this year. At least I hope so.

Gamerstek3521d ago

Thank you so much! Killzone 2 is, by far, the best FPS on Playstation 3, in every ways. Graphics, gameplay, sound, and last but not least, online. I hope to see soon more games like this one. Not just on PS3, but on Xbox 360, PC, Wii and portables as well.

luflee3521d ago

You're absolutely correct. It's a shame that developers don't do games as good as this one more often.

celldomceen13521d ago

The game is one of the more intense games i have ever played. Some of the best firefights i have ever played and the weapons feel.......its hard to explain, but they just feel good.

Gamerstek3521d ago

Don't you forget about the Multiplayer. It's absolutely stunning.

celldomceen13521d ago

Yes GREAT mp You actually need skill there is no spray in pray in this game. You go in guns blazing 9 times out 10 you will die.

beavis4play3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

the SP is intense, visceral and relentless. the AI is amazing. as you get closer to death, the color drains from the screen and that little thing ratchets up the anxiety so much. so much happening on screen! wow...........just wow!
i'm taking a break to eat something right now.........but i'm going back in shortly............

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3521d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.