Gamerstek: Halo Wars Review

The online gaming magazine Gamerstek made a review of Halo Wars, one of the biggest hits this month on Xbox 360. Find out the goods and the bads of the game.

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thenickel3523d ago

Wow a great review and no sign of the usual fanboys on n4g so far lol. I hope KZ2 is so good that we never see them again.

Gamerstek3523d ago

Thank you my friend =) I love Xbox and Halo series but I usually don't exagerate in my reviews about one game. I'm reallistic and I say what I really think about one gaming title. That's my job anyway =p

VeNoM-PT-3522d ago

I totally agree with thenickel. It's nice to see a breeze of fresh air here in n4g.