Silicon Knights Responds To Too Human Criticisms

Making an Electronic Entertainment Expo demo is a tricky thing for game developers. Some choose to put together a highly controlled scenario with E3-themed in-jokes and special case objectives. But to do that properly can take a company quite a bit of time, which can lead to delays and problems in getting the rest of the project completed. A few developers even choose to skip the process of putting together a demo for the show entirely, so they can stay focused on getting the full game done properly.

Most, however, pick a level or two and show that off as a taste of what players can expect from the final game.

But while a good E3 demo is usually a sign of a good game, the opposite reasoning doesn't always hold up. There are numerous examples of games that don't show well at E3 but end up as fantastic titles -- most notably Halo, which went from a mildly disappointing E3 showing to an incredible final product in half a year.

At this year's E3, Silicon Knights' Too Human took a bit of heat for being shown in an early form with some framerate and camera issues present in the version on the show floor. But according to the weird part about this situation is that they had actually seen and played the game back in February -- running much smoother and with a better camera system. So rather than being disappointed with the E3 demo, they were more curious to find out what happened and why the game that looked so great back in February didn't look as hot in May. Check out the full report over at 1up to read what Silicon Knights answered when asked about the E3 demo.

silent ninja6213d ago

lets hope the final product is good

OutLaw6213d ago

According to the article 1UP had tried an earlier demo that ran smoothly. Silicon Knights try to explain that when they were preparing for E3 they added stuff to the demo and didn't have enough time too adapt it properly. So it ran kind of slow and choppy. But I wouldn't worry about this too much remember it is a demo and about time they're done with it the game most likely would run smooth and look Next Gen.

ssj046212d ago

I laugh soo hard when i saw the gameplay of this game... lol ROFL ahahha

FamoAmo6212d ago

This game is awsome. The game is in early development right? Give it time it's gonna rock!!

Moostache6212d ago

I will surely admit that the demo footage that was shown was disatrously (one might even be tempted to put it in the PS3 category of let0-downs) bad. The footage on G4TV was god-awful - sparse enemies, a perplexed look on the player's face and choppy animations - and really made me move this game well down the list of titles I would call "MUST BUY".

The game will now have to prove itself worthy when the finished product hits the shelves. Then again, some games are just simply good ideas gone bad and that may end up the case here.

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