Operation Flashpoint 2 - Best FPS of 09?

With hundreds of miles of island, this game sees you play a US Marine and is seriously looking to be the best First-Person Shooter of 09

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SeanScythe3547d ago ShowReplies(7)
Why dis3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

is out of his mind.

SDF on the move.

Best looking game on consoles blows KZ2 out of the water.

I see the SDF is trying to hide this by approving this fast hoping it doesn't heat up lol.

Pennywise3547d ago

The game looks good, but lets see how it plays.

Why dis3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )


This kills KZ2... Just wait until SDF can no longer hide the fact or embarrassed media have to admit they over hyped KZ2 and saving face is no longer an option due to the buzz from gamers.

I have KZ2 pre-ordered too.

SeanScythe3547d ago

lol you poor guy stuck in the zone where no one cares what you think. What the hell is SDF? BTW what is the best looking FPS game on consoles in your little world?

Pennywise3547d ago

8V8 - Exciting!

I'll let you know what I think of KZ2 tomorrow after I play tonight. I will admit that hype can kill a game because of over expectations. From the demo, I liked it. Will let ya know what I think about the MP tomorrow.

xbollox3547d ago

"This kills KZ2"

was that an attempt at breaking the world record of ridicule?

FPShooter3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Why do you hate KZ2 have you played the whole game becouse it looks great,and the demo was fun. This game looks good too but its also mult-plat. so PS3 gamers have KILLZONE2 and OFP to kick @ss on.

Major_Tom3547d ago

The original one was a classic but I definitely don't see alot of people buying and playing this game competitively unless it changed drastically from the original.

The original is a big waiting game, you have to have a tonne of patience and alot of time invested in learning all the vehicles and techniques, it's not a pick up and play game and I think the majority of people who haven't played the first are missing that point.

It's really realistic, you get hurt, you can't move, you'll be stranded unless killed/suicide.

A few shots kill you and the map is humongous, this is in no way Call of Duty 4 and do not expect to play anything even close to Call of Duty 4.

PR3DAT0R3545d ago

Ineptitude of attacking killzone 2 is really quite boring, you don't even explain why or how it "Could" blow killzone 2 out of the water or kill it. funny how dumb xbots can be, no game really kills any game otherwise killzone 2 would be prosecuted for mass-genocide.

I would also like to say graphically no game out this year or next shall obliterate killzone 2's, especially operation flashpoint, the pre-renders don't even look as good as killzone 2's in game so suck that you little retard.

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Pennywise3547d ago


The game looks good... but I dont know about Codemasters taking FPS of the year. KZ2, COD:MW2, Bioshock2.... Gonna be a tough run.

dorron3547d ago

Exactly my thoughts...

dachiefsman3547d ago

My thoughts exactly. It is Codemasters.

COD: MW2 is my front runner. KZ2 is nice but if anyone can one up them, it would have to be Infinity Ward.

Omega43547d ago

Unless Halo 3:ODST, COD6 and Bioshock 2 all flop then i doubt it especially since the 1st one doesnt compare to the previous installments of the games i just mentioned

ALL_STAR_283547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

did you forget a few games...??? (a few sony games)

Sheddi3547d ago

I dont get one thing...that new halo "game" is just a DLC. Why does people keep saying its a new game :S?

DelbertGrady3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

If you don't mention Killzone 2 the Sony fanboys get nervous breakdowns.

And if you mention Halo they steal all your bubbles.

I had 7 this morning.

Drekken3547d ago

Soda that might be because you act like pp.... or you are him.

GiantEnemyCrab3546d ago

Sheddi: "dont get one thing...that new halo "game" is just a DLC."

That is not true. Halo:ODST will be a stand alone game and will not require Halo 3. I am almost positive it will have a retail box release but it might be distrubuted on XBL. Either way, I don't consider it DLC since it doesn't require Halo 3 and it will be the length of a full game.

Btw - This info came from a Bungie interview in Official Xbox Magazine.

Traveler3546d ago

Well, it is technically an expansion. So, whether to call that a full game is debatable.

iHEARTboobs3546d ago

It might be the best FPS for someone. But I hope this game surprises. I like surprises and there's nothing wrong with having another great FPS out there for us to buy.

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chidori6663547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

this game is a garbage compared than kill zone 2.

ALL_STAR_283547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

and how do you know that.... youve played the full versions of both...???

EDIT: never mind just read your name