San Andreas Stories is Fake, Fake, Fake

PSP World writes:

"A listing for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories has been making the rounds on the Internet today, leading many to believe that Rockstar plans to bring the third adventure in the series over to Sony's handlheld. It may very well be true that Rockstar is planning such a release, but this "leaked" product listing is fake. The boxart for the game re-uses imagery from the original PS2 title, something that Rockstar has never done with its previous PSP releases.

Secondly, the shop in question even admits that it is pure speculation at this point."

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clinker3613d ago

Bummer, man! I was all excited about this finally coming to PSP.

Danja3613d ago

thats becusue R* is too busy making that crap GTA game for the DS..

im hoping they would will eventually bring over this game to the PSP...really loved VC:Stories

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3613d ago

...NEVER!!! I'M SHOCKED!!! ;)

Eiffel3613d ago

I thought this was fake for one reason only.

Reason: It was a good idea.

This sucks, I was hoping to actually clean the dust off my psp.

LeonSKennedy4Life3613d ago

I can't believe you people still think GTA is fun. The only one I've ever enjoyed was IV...because it had a good storyline. I'd prefer a portable Bully. That game is fantastic!

Calvin_ISA3613d ago

San Andreas was at the pinnacle, the zenith, the top, the best of the series, and IV was boring. I wan't more things to do in a game, not less. Sand Andreas had a better story too. Also, my opinion. [:
San Andreas Stories would be a great game if it ADDED more instead of take away, like they did with IV. ;D no rhyme intended.

darkdoom30003613d ago

I agree, GTA:SA was the best. There was so much to do, I played that game for ages, never really got bored. day 1 buy if SAS ever came out.

Cajun Chicken3613d ago

I still think it might exist, be a bit of a waste of an opportunity later.

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