Grand Theft Auto: Why I Can't Stop Killing Hookers

Bitmob Writes: It's no secret that the Grand Theft Auto series has spawned countless psychotic serial killers and several rather unpleasant rapists ever since Grand Theft Auto 3 hit the PlayStation 2. This is backed up by dozens of studies done by guys in lab coats who couldn't get laid even if their disco sticks ejaculated fine wine and water from the fountain of youth. That means these studies are made of science, and science is never, ever wrong!

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bbretterson3199d ago

I agree. Sometimes games can be fun, and that's enough. Not all games have to aspire to fine art.

TooTall193199d ago

I've seen an artist pull up a rubber floor mat so it made an arch on one side, and he called it art lol. It was even in the Museum of Modern Arts. If that's art then video games should certainly be considered art. Art can show violent things. Goya made some great pieces of people being tortured.

Tolkoto3199d ago

I was never very good at killing hookers.