Five Great Sandbox/Free Roam Games

When Grand Theft Auto came about, it set a huge trend. After the arrival of GTA3 on the Playstation 2 there was a huge wave of sandbox titles; the genre became very popular. As someone who is highly appreciative of sandbox games myself, I decided to write up a list of five great sandbox games that I enjoy. Check it out and leave comments; It would be cool to see what you guys think also.

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Bnet3433477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Scarface great? True Crime great? Saints Row 2 great? If Oblivion counts are free roam, might as well throw in Fallout 3 and Morriwind and the other GTA's. Poor list in my opinion. I can name 100 games better.

SwiffEpics3477d ago

This is an opinion piece...and notice how im not saying "The 5 Best sandbox games" simply listing 5 that i think are great. And inside the article i also welcome others to give me their own lists.

Sonyslave33477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

CrackDown is on the list my bad.

SwiffEpics3477d ago

if you read the full article you'll see that I gave Crackdown an honorable mention.

Xi3477d ago

what about zelda, crackdown, crysis?


Morrowind,crackdown,farcry2,gt a,warhawk(kinda),and.........dr um roll............River city ransom.Honestly,idk,there are so many good ones,cant comment on saints row,never tried it.