GameSpy: Halo Wars Review

Nostalgia's a funny thing. It's difficult to remember now that in the pre-Halo era, the idea of a first-person shooter on a console was a contradiction in terms. Halo itself, while very good, wasn't an especially deep or complex shooter even by the standards of the time. What it was was an FPS... on a console... that worked. That was enough to kick start console FPS development to the point where the conventions implemented by Halo to make a console FPS work aren't even noticed much anymore. And that's the late Ensemble Studios' greatest triumph with Halo Wars. It's not the deepest or most complex real-time strategy game around. It's just an RTS... on a console... and it works.

* Excellent controls
* Spartan units
* Fun multiplayer
* Solid strategic model
* Enjoyable campaign missions

* Most unit "special powers" are underwhelming
* Single-unit selection still a bit iffy
* Small unit variety

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Nelson M3531d ago

And misses out on Killzone 2
Needs their head seeing to