Resistance: Fall of Man Screenshots

Here are 3 new screenshots of Resistance: Fall of Man , the PS3 first-person shooter from Insomniac.


this is gonna be an awesome game

silent ninja6186d ago

if i were to buy a ps3 this and heavenly sword would the ones to pick

PS360PCROCKS6186d ago

This game is shaping up nicely

LilClaw6186d ago

Dude, the PS3 sucks sooo hard. Just kidding, actually this looks pretty good. Is this the game that they showcased during the press conference? I thought that game rocked!

noSpecialCharsAllowd6185d ago (Edited 6185d ago )

but i wished the same aliens thingy have different poses when they are shooting.. the last screenshot had this two aliens with same posing.. it looks weird.. other than that its okay, but the image is rather small... then again this is still image, in the game i doubt we have time to enjoy the graphix

AuburnTiger6185d ago

Most likely these aliens in questions are most likely trained to shoot this way. In all probability this is definitely the most efficient way to shoot with accuracy in mind. Think about it, training exercises for aliens has got to be some of the most rigorous and brutal preparation out on any planet.

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