EA explains why Dead Space Extraction is on-rails

With the announcement of Dead Space Extraction for Wii, the one element that may have been receiving mixed reactions is the fact that the game is on-rails. One may be wondering why EA decided to go this way.

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FinalomegaS5579d ago

I really don't know what to think.

I love house of the dead overkill (F-BOMB!!) but I guess we should wait and see how it turns out.

Masta_fro5579d ago

what does "on rails" mean?

like an interactive movie?

Like Time Crisis?

PS360WII5579d ago

Just means it's a light gun game

dragunrising5579d ago

I was excited for the Wii version until I found out about this. Why?!

Perhaps the game is catered to those who already bought the PS3/360 version... The Wii version of Resident Evil 4 was so good I wanted a remake of Dead Space with waggle :-(

kunit22c5578d ago

wait so does on rails mean that you have like no say were your guy is going it just moves him for you?? if so uhhhh.. no thanks just not into games liek that..

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jtucker785579d ago (Edited 5579d ago )

That's disappointing.

Might still get it though. The story wasn't amazingly original, but I still want to know what happens.

Dead Space FTW!

PS360WII5579d ago

Yeah I have hope this Dead Space will be as awesome as the first game :) heck even the animated comics were sweet! Still need to watch the movie....

Anyway while light gun game wasn't what I thought it would have been it is kind of neat how an IP can span across so many genres. Comic, movie, 3rd person, on-rails, maybe more.

I'll be snaggin it. I know some thought RE:UC was wrong but I thought it was great and yes House of the Dead Overkill is just awesomesauce lol


rent the film.

big dead space fan here, but between the game, the animated comics and the film, i would say the film was the only one i was not so impressed with. it does not add that much more to the story that you could not have figured out from playing the game...

and somethings are a bit inconsistent between the game and the film.

PS360WII5579d ago

hmm bit inconsistent... ah well it's still Dead Space ;)

Thanks for the info it is on my to watch list just need to get around to it

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Foxgod5579d ago

so they cared to explain it, just for me.
I still dont like it EA, go back to the drawing tables, NIOW!!!