Co-op Mode For Killzone 2 Is On The Horizon?

The official PlayStation UK site has the opportunity to talk with Guerrilla Games. With that interview they has spoken about a maybe co-up mode for Killzone 2.

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Kouzmich3529d ago

I hope when that co-op mode will be released (if it's possible) it will be free. And I hope they will not do that Resistance thing with maps , like 2 maps 10$. 4 maps for 10$ it's ok , more then 4 maps for 10$ is awesome.

Ghoul3529d ago

allready complaining ?

Kouzmich3529d ago

Hoping , dreaming , believing. That fun comes first then money. Like it was in the good old days.

jtmill073529d ago

A co-op mode is all the game is missing. Give it that and were good to go. I'm just ready for the 27th.

Lifendz3529d ago

have online coop? I could care less about offline coop but apparently that's a big deal to people.

Gantrfaxx3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Co-op mode is not something we should pay for but i would definitely pay for it.
Guerrilla, can this perfect game become even better?

jammy_703529d ago

then all thereview scores can get added that extra 0.5 for it :P

plus co-op is awesome, r2 co-op FTW!

INehalemEXI3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Adam Sessler's smug little no co op remark in his rant over KZ2 mails telling folks to ....bleepity , bleep , bleep.

Bleepity , bleep yourself, Adam.

crystallakekiller3529d ago

adam is actually right! i've never heard so much stupid comments about scores like i did in the last few weeks....and they were all about kz2! stupid fanboys!

JeffGUNZ3528d ago

How can they not have added this into the game? Most people play story modes with their friends.

UnwanteDreamz3528d ago

How can you speak for most people?

JeffGUNZ3528d ago

Well, simply. MOST of the people's posts in here lean towards a desire to have co-op in the game, thus, people prefer playing the campign with friends. Don't try to play this philosophical "you're one person and you can't speak for all of us" nonsense. Look at the other posts, they all support adding it into the game and why do you think they support adding it? Well, because they WANT TO PLAY IT WITH FRIENDS. I know that everyone I play with on Live always desires to play campaign with fellow friends over playing it by themselves, espeically with AWFUL AI.

Mr Tretton3528d ago

Jeff, nice stealth trolling there.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3528d ago

Split-screen is nice but I like Online Co-Op ALOT more!

It's too bad they can't do split screen but if they can do online co-op that would be awesome!

Joey Greco RULES3528d ago

Co-op should have been there from the start. Kindof expected now a days.
It just adds to the experience. COD4 had a great campaign, but I only played thru it ONCE.
Had there been some buddy missions for me to go co-op on, I may have played thru twice.
I cant count how many time I have gone thru Halo 3 Campaign in co-op.

solidjun53528d ago

I don't know why he's here. He doesn't even have a ps3. So he has no intention of getting the game. Why is he getting worked up about it. INteresting.

burbulla3528d ago


pixelsword3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Many of my friends tend to shoot each other online, so I'm not looking forward to that, but a long as it's fun, that's cool.

I hope the PS3 and 360 gets more FPS games with vehicles online; the only good game (to me) of note that has vehicles are UTIII... and, to a lesser extent, if you can handle the uneven gameplay; HAZE.

Yipee Bog3528d ago

I definitely played COD4 with my friends in co-op

INehalemEXI3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

He actually said alot of things wrong in there like , he said it comes out next week and this vid was made awhile back so that was way off, He said there will be no co op. Among other things, He got upset by a bunch of mail and blew his cool lol. He gets mad at folks saying they are biased well if he was not he would not get so bent out of shape. Why is castle crashers playing behind him lol.... Theres all sorts of wrong in this.

People trip off scores all the time , like Ratchet , MGS4...KZ2 just happens to be highly anticipated and contreversial due to the press themselves hyping and/or doubting its potential, for him to turn around and blame fanboy's/viewers/readers *cough* those that hit the page and generate revenue, is ridiculous.

JeffGUNZ3528d ago

well I guess if you don't own the game you can't place feedback in a PUBLIC message board? I hope KZ2 is a great game, my brother has a PS3 and I have played it countless times. It's a good system. It's just awful decision making not adding co-op. I would be pissed at EPIC if they didn't have co-op in Gears 2. All I said was I think it's a big let down they didn't have co-op. I don't know how some fanboys disagree with that? I never insulted the PS3 in this thread nor did I insult the game. Grow up little kids. If you can't see that not having co-op is a bad decision, then you're a moron.

All you fanboy nerds need girlfriends and lives. Don't tell me where I can post, you can go to ANY Microsoft post and see a million fanboys commenting nonsense. All the fanboys are complete idiots who cover under a blanket in their mothers basements.

Grow up.

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Fishy Fingers3529d ago

...and the plot thickens....

Fishy Fingers3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Perhaps, but I wouldn't be quite so sure...

"While this meant sacrifice split-screen gameplay, there may be some co-operative modes on the horizon to keep the excitement going. "We're investigating [co-op] now for downloadable content," she smiles.

Sounds more likely than ever, up until this point GG offered nothing more than "No co-op".

Ghoul3529d ago

Dont say never

im pretty convinced we will see coop in some form, maybe arenas or mp maps ala "you and your bud against a horde" or they will make the game coop.

The engine is not the problem it can handle a splitscreen.

GarandShooter3529d ago

If they can do online MP, they can surely do online co-op.

Ju3529d ago

Can't be too difficult. They got bots already. Put all bots on one side, add a mission objective, a new map, and there you go. Co-Op MP.

Splitscreen, OTHO, won't happen. Not without a toned down engine.

no-spin3528d ago

Does KZ2 needs co-op?
And Bioshock?

Multiplayer + Single campaign = Plenty of gaming

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jtucker783529d ago

I would be happy with a co-op mode even if they just tacked it on, without balancing the gameplay. Although I can't see them doing that.
Online co-op is awesome!

Heck, I'm even going to buy Resident Evil 5, putting up with the last gen enemies, animation, and poor controls because it has a co-op mode.

Why o why3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

is the new 'must have' it seems and i can understand that. Our industry is dynamic and there will be changes year on year that raise bars. If they do it ill be glad, if they dont, ill live especially since ive witnessed what GG have produced. KZ2 is technically the most impressive console game to date but there is always room for an improvement or two. Just cant wait for this sh1T to land already

jtucker78 ↑↑

good point. Its the only reason im picking RE5 up too.

ha ha, over 25s FTW +1 ↓↓

jtucker783529d ago

Cheers and bubbles for your avatar.

Beef Bonk FTW