XboxGameZone: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Review

XboxGameZone writes: "How epic does this sound? All the Mortal Kombat characters of your youth up against your favourite comic book stars..... Sure that's making a few assumptions but seriously, who doesn't like comic book stars such as Batman, Superman, The Joker and erm Deathstroke? Ok admittedly that one passed me by completely but the idea of playing as Batman and The Joker in the same game sounds pretty good to me! Mortal Kombat wise, I was never really a huge fan. I admired the concept of fatalities and banalities and middle agedalities (I may have made that one up), but I was more of a Street Fighter 2 girl. Give me a fireball and hurricane kick and I was more than happy. However when Midway announced this game, I couldn't help but be a bit excited. I have a great affection for it Midway; they developed NBA Jam and Gauntlet, how could I not be a fan and pay them a bit of respect. With this knowledge, I approached MK vs. DC Universe quite excitedly, and I wasn't disappointed for the most part."

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