PSN account sharing no longer possible

Apparently it's no longer possible to share your PSN account with someone else. It's illegal in the first place, but one could do otherwise. Today someone figured out that he can't play the PSN games anymore that he got from someone else's PSN account.

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PixlSheX3548d ago

an USA account to download the games, and the EU account to collect trophies and this and that. WTF sony?

You mean, I'm not going to be able to play warhawk, burnout, wipeout, ssdhd, etc????.. Damn... Somebody pls explain this.

sonarus3548d ago

Actually its not illegal. Sony actually said they allow you share games with up to 5ppl just before the PS3 launched. I remember Jack Tretton saying something like we care about player happiness and not just money or some sappy crap like that.

Also if you notice games sony doesn't want you sharing get locked. GT5, Warhawk

Jerkapotamus3548d ago

Jack Tretton: If a player logs into his PlayStation 3 account on a friend's system, he can download any game he has already purchased. "You can send that content to four other friends for that initial investment," said Tretton. "We want to get the game in as many hands as possible."

I think the president of SCEA would know.

sonarus3548d ago

Yea that was the thing i was looking for lol

himdeel3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

...saved then it will not allow you to play shared games. It now even shows who owns the content of certain downloadable games when you select "Information" from the XMB. Either way you must keep the account of the owner on your PS3.

My brother changed his password recently and I couldn't log into Warhawk, a game he purchased, until I called him to get his new password. I saved it on his account via my Playstation3 and I was up and running again on Warhawk moments later.

Ju3548d ago

There is no general term in the PSN which defines how many people may play a game. It is up to the individual license agreement, which comes with each game which defines that. Warhawk does not allow multiple users at the same time (24hr cap in between, for example), but you can install it on multiple machines. Savage Moon is open, Wipeout HD is open, etc. So, it varies.

UnwanteDreamz3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I have to call BS here. I tried it and my stuff still works.


Whoever disagreed is a POS troll.

MisterNiwa3548d ago

My Street Fighter HD Remix works, my Puzzle Fighter HD works, my Wipeout HD works.



Anon19743548d ago

When you read the agreement, some say you can use it on up to 5 PS3's, some don't.

Maulerr3548d ago

doesn't know about the thing to save the account on his ps3 from which he's downloaded it.

crck3548d ago

Yep I hooked up a ps3 for my friend and loaded all the games I bought. I then created 2nd log in and deleted the log in that was linked to my psn account. They were sudden locked out. So yes you can still share. But you must keep the user log in that dled the games.

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hoppermania3548d ago

Yes illegal but sometimes can be very handy.

Timberland2K93548d ago


But i downloaded it from my cousins account

vincentvegawchz3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

My sister Lives a miles or 2 from me, and we go in half on every game we buy on the PS3, and we share, the same goes for the PSN games, we go in Halfzies, and take turns buying them. So if they Discontinue this service, that is fine they can not allow me to play it, but they will be giving me half of the price of all the games downloaded on my sisters PS3, which is about 37. not dollars, Games. So I dunno, i enjoy this Feature, and not all games are elligible, such as Warhawk, i can play it on both systems, but i have to wait 24 hours in between each system, 12 hours with Socom... So i had to pay back my Sister for warhawk, and Vise Versa for socom... I DO however believe that you should NOT be sharing with people that you have became friends with over PSN. Thats a little different, unless you are mailing a check to them to cover half of the cost.

P.S. All of my downloaded games from sisters and Brother in Laws account are working Flawlessly, Maybe i didnt understand the Article because Google Translated, but it Only Works on 5 Systems.

thezuur3548d ago

people need to know more about the activation of PS3s. this is where the rubber meets the road. you can log into as many ps3's that you could ever want. but you can only be activated on 5 systems at one time. and only an activated system can run/play your downloaded games.

DarthTigra 3548d ago

What is this article talking about it still works.

thezuur3548d ago

he must have shared with over 5 people.

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