Snow Cancels New DICE Console Game Showing in UK

Videogaming 247: "EA's confirmed to VG247 that a new, unannounced DICE console game was to be shown in the UK today, but the event has been cancelled thanks to snow.

What is it? We've been told it's a new Battlefield, and that an Army of Two sequel was to be shown at the event. EA's having none of it.

"No mention of either Battlefield or Army of Two," an EA rep said this afternoon."

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resistance1003546d ago

Can't believe the snow here

Johnny Cullen3546d ago

I know.

Aint it awesome!

And thats saying something from me considering it aint snowing as much in Northern Ireland XD

gaffyh3546d ago

Perfect excuse to miss Work/School/University. If you don't use it you will regret it.

Forbidden_Darkness3546d ago

Well that sucks, im looking forward to playing another Army of Two game, i really enjoyed the first one.

killzone2flop3546d ago

I wonder if it was a Xbox360 exclusive they were about to announce.

Johnny Cullen3546d ago

I am hoping it aint BF:BC 2 right now.

Just got the first one last week, its alright but Left 4 Dead and one of DICE's other games has caught my attention.

That other DICE game is the sequel I wanna see: Mirror's Edge 2.

I wanna see that game this year.

If it happens, it's a day one buy.

Bigrhyno3546d ago

I want to see BF:BC 2 and Mirror's Edge 2, but I don't want to see either this year.

xino3546d ago

Not only did it cancel the show, it disturbed my delivery!
I was supposed to be getting Devil May Cry 4 today. Now I'll have to stick with Left4Dead and Ninja Gaiden Black for goodness sake!

I need a new game!

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