Launch day Xbox 360s no longer under three-year warranty coverage

It has been confirmed that starting February 2, all launch day Xbox 360s will no longer be covered by Microsoft's three-year extended warranty. The warranty should have technically ended at the end of September last year, but was slightly extended.

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WhoaMan3550d ago

Xbox owners warranty ended just in time for Killzone 2.
Now it's time for them to convert.
Come on,you all know you want to.

outlawlife3550d ago

i have been going through my own struggle with their warranty department but that is a different issue

i prefer people be real gamers and own both systems, no reason to shut yourself off from quality titles on both sides

if the ps3 drops in price ill get one but right now i cant afford it

KillzoneKid3550d ago

there is just no reason to own an X360 when there is KZ2

i see just no reason to own an X360

You do know that KZ2 is the best fps of this gen and way better than Halo 3/Gears 2

just think about those millions of people who are without warantees and whose X360 might RROD any moment

lociefer3550d ago

it seems like m$ wants to triple their installbase and brag all about it , what to do ? cancel three year warranty , 360s red ring , ppl buy another , BOOM more installbase / more money

NewZealander3550d ago

my launch console didnt want to die so i forced it to red ring before the warranty ended, smart eh!

so i got my free repair and i can confirm i DID get my actual console back and it is now much quieter and cooler then the launch console i had.

took several attempts over a couple of weeks to finally get it to die, shame it died in the middle of watching heroes on it though.

morganfell3549d ago

outlawlife, maybe you should talk to Peggy about the money she is taking out of your wallet.

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Hellsvacancy3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

For seem reason when i read that sentence the Eastenders theme tune came to mind

xwabbit3550d ago

I can see some people switching to PS3 now.

Chug3550d ago

But that would require me turning the thing on...

PirateThom3550d ago

Damnit, now I'm doing it.

Chris3993550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Honestly, people never seem to learn.

Break on me once, shame on you. Break on me twice, shame on me. Break on me thrice, I'm a retard, here's full access to my bank account, take as much money as you want.

If mine breaks again, that's it.

Danja3550d ago

I dont think there's that many launch 360's out there that haven't succumbed to the RROD yet ..but M$ is jjst crappy the warranty 4 all 360 should never be expired since they had known about the faulty hardware b4 launch...

KillzoneKid3550d ago

with KZ2 inbound ...i can see all of them switching to PS3 since Xbox owners are hardcore gamers who love FPS

eagle213550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

There won't be a working 360 on planet earth. :)

JoySticksFTW3550d ago

... and they probably still feel that the PS3 is too expensive

Now maybe if they trade in their 360 and all of their 360 games, maybe PS3 would be in their price range :)

To any 360 fans reading this, make the switch - seriously. You've already played Gears and Halo. Come try some of the PS3's amazing games - WipeoutHD, Uncharted, MGS4, Warhawk, Resistance2 - and some pretty high profile games that are coming this year...

Uncharted 2

And and some planet-busters coming soon after...

Versus XIII
SotC (you know it's coming...)

You'll still get all of the multiplats that you love

But personally, I just can't wait for Twisted Metal and the rumored FVII remake (hinted at Crisis Core's end) to finally get announced! :O

Blademask3550d ago

meanwhile, most people including people who set them up at tech shows/e3 anywhere have them dying relatively soon, and they have already upgraded.

Sitdown3550d ago

"Or 360 sales get a boost in February :)"

I agree....cause instead of people paying the cheaper repair cost and getting another Microsoft warranty, they will just go purchase another 360. :-/

Dark_Vendetta3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I can confirm this story. My 360 died after the usual 3 year warranty (and I was really pissed off) but MS replaced it with a new one (still doesn't have HDMI but the manufacturing date is nov. 2008) in just 6 days and I got a 1 month XBL gold for free :).

lokiroo4203550d ago

Last day to choke the 360 to death, kill em while you can!

DutyCalls3550d ago


actually i belive that will happen
long live quality consoles

pixelsword3550d ago

...nigh-flawless performance out of my Microsoft box.

Now I have to take it easy. :(

The first one was far superior to the PS2 in every way... I don't know what happened this time around. Maybe the 2nd console of everyone is a little wacky, like the PS2... but Nintendo's next console was the Super Nintendo, so that's not really true.

If I can last until ODST, then I'm set. I'll be happy throwing it away and getting Halo 4 on the Next Box or PC. I might put it in storage until then.

Why dis3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

You know somethings wrong with PS3 fans when they party in room such as this.

Unlike any other type of fanboys in history. Must be because of the rule over the past two generation to last place this one.

robep33550d ago

If you look at the comments on that articles page in the first dozen posts in the comments the 360 owners are on their 2nd ,4th one guy his 11th 360 LOL what CRAP build quality 360's have!!!
So much for 28m sold more like 18-20m the rest replacements,with the RROD, ERROR 74 and now the HDMI sound problem what else can happen to it.


N4360G3550d ago

Perfect timing,just in time to buy a PS3 and enjoy Killzone 2 later this month LOL!!

Blaze9293550d ago

Does that really make sense when you can:

-Buy an arcade
-have a Jasper unit
-be covered for another 2 years
-still save $200-$300
-have all your games and gamesaves
-only interest would be Killzone 2?


thats_just_prime3550d ago

jib I didnt have a trouble getting a ps3 either but I seriously doubt that I'd be willing to replace my ps3 if it broke at a 400 dolars. especially when I rarely play it

LoVeRSaMa3550d ago

While you heard the Eastenters theme I heard the Jaws theme.

Shepherd 2143550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

i dont care. Im perfectly content with playing Halo 3, the superior console version of Fallout 3, Gears, and many other FPS's and RPG's that i own and will continue to buy for my 360 elite. I love my 8 person party chat, its extremely enjoyable to talk and exchange details to my buddies while we are all playing Fallout 3 or our individual favorite games. Video chat is hilarious, avatars are funny to mess around with, playing all the arcade games the marketplace has to offer is also a plus. I prefer 360's controller, its built with a competitive edge over other controllers. multiplats will flood the 360 in 2009 with a couple exclusives like the Fallout 3 exclusive 360 DLC, Halo Wars and Alan Wake on the way this year, im also alright with that.

Yea, things are pretty good for me and my 360 so no PS3, sorry. Killzone 2 looks great but im sick of games that litter the artistic design with blacks, browns and grays. And since i have a good job i can more than afford everything i want this year, so im good.

godofthunder103549d ago

Who the hell are you to say that people are lyeing when they said they had their 360 since launch and didn't have a problem.I bought 2 at launch and i never had a problem with 1 of them and the other i had to send back.A 33% defect rate doesn't mean that every one that have a 360 had to send it mean that on an average 33 out of a 100 had problems not 100 out of a 100.

The only thing i hear from ps3 fanboys like you is how great KZ 2 will be.You act like it's the greatest game ever made and it's not even out yet.I bet you are 1 of the ps3 fanboys that said just wait till MGS4 comes out and people will dump the 360 and buy a ps3 because it's the greatest game ever made.I bet you are 1 of the ps3 fanboys that claim all microsoft does is steal and buy exclusive games away from sony because they can't come up with a game their selfs.You are also 1 of the ps3 fanboys that claim that sony is the only one to come out with new games and the rest have to steal and copy from them.The fact is that MGS,Final Fantasy,Ninja gaiden and other ps3 exclusives was nintendo exclusives first.Sony stole them away from nintendo years ago and that's a fact.The fact is that Microsoft is doing to sony what Sony done to ninyendo years ago.That's how buisness works.

I know that the 360 had a lot of problems when it first came out but microsoft fixed the problem with the newer ones.The problem is ps3 fanboys like you can't admit that when sony came out with the ps2 they had a defect It didn't have a high defect rate like 360 but it had one.The harddrive would stop working and say can't read disc.Sony tryed to deny it but lost the lawsuit.You are right that sony would never give a 3 year warrinty on a defect like microsoft did for the 360.Sony only gave a 2 MONTH warrinty from the date of the announcement on the ps2.I went through 5 in 4 year.The first 1 that i bought it went out in about 4 months,i called Sony and they told me that the 2 month warrinty was over and i have to pay $99 to have it fixed and i did.Every one i know had to buy at least 2 ps2s in 3 year and and not 1 person had to buy 1 360 in 3 years.The point that i'm tyring to make is that sony screwed the people more with their 2 month warrinty then microsoft did with a 3 year warrinty.Not 1 person had to pay to have the rrod fixed for 3 years but people had to pay sony to fix their ps2 if the drive went out after 2 months of the day the announcement and that's a fact.

Unlike you i give credit where credit is due.Sony learned from their mistake and made the ps3 the most dependable console that was ever made in my opponion.I will also admitt that the ps3 have exclusives that i wish was on the 360 like,R 1&2 and KZ2 because it looks good.The problem is that they had a ton of games that was suppose to be real good and people couldn't wait till they came out but when they did it was a big disappointment.You can't honestly say that KZ 2 is the best game of the year when it's not even out yet,hell just look a LBP.Ps3 fanboys were all saying that it will turn the tide in the ps3 favor and it didn't do anything.The problem was it was a childs.If it was on the wii it would have been 1 of the biggest seller of the year.

I'm tired of hearing the same thing over and over that the 360 doesn't have any games coming out this year.The 360 have the same amount of games coming out as the ps3.The 360 also have about the same amount of exclusive that the ps3 have and that's a fact.Here is a few of them.

- Mass Effect 2
- Alan Wake
- Halo 3: Recon
- Ninety-Nine Nights 2
- Ninja Blade
- All Points Bulletin

- Huxley
- Halo Wars
- 2 days to Vegas (Timed exclusive for PC and 360)
- Project Forza 3

I know you will cry and say that they are on the computer to.The fact is that 99% of people that have a 360 doesn't like to play games on a computer.Every one o know don't like playing games on a computer.I don't like GTA but it was one of the biggest sellers when it came out.The 360 is the only system that you will be able to play the lost and damn on.You will be able to download it or buy the disc and it is suppose to be close to the size of the last GTA.

I bet you are the type of person that claims that all the 360 games sux.You also agree with every positive news about the ps3 even when you know it's not true.You also disagree with all the negative news about the ps3 even when you know it's true.You do the opposite with the ps3.You remind me of a 6 year old kid crying and saying my toy is better then your toy.

Unlike you i'm not childish,bias or a fanboy.I think that the ps3 and 360 are both good system.They both have negative and positive things about them.They both have good and bad games on them.Unlike you i want say that a certain system is the best because it's just an opponion.When you claim that the ps3 is the best it's not a fact,it's just your opponion and that's it.The system that you think is the best might not be for some one else.the games you like some one else might not like them.Unlike claims people don't buy the 360 because it's cheaper.hell like i said before i bought 2 360s at launch and i'm going today to buy an elite to put in my room because i can't get on the other 2 in my kids room.I like the 360 more then the ps3.I had a brother that bought a ps3 and R and when he came to my house and played GOW 2 he bought it back to walmart and got a 360 elite and GOW2.he had to just swollow what he paid for R because it was opened and walmart wouldn't take it back.Like i said before it depends on what system you like.

ocha843549d ago

get ready to see a 360 sales spike~

Saint Sony3549d ago

My launchday 360 has served me more than well. Still is, no RODD what so ever (yea I know hard to believe uh?!!! O__________O!!!!!!! .. stupid)

Thanks to PS3 fantards, RROD issue and 360 is known to the whole universe, right after Michael Jackson.

None on the other hand has heard anything about PS3 except that it's the most expensive thing right after Donald Trumps underwear... and as rare to encounter the owner of one.

Sheddi3549d ago

You forgot to add the cost of ur first 360 launch model.
whats that, 299, 399? Cant remember.

And u forgot to add payment for XBL for 3 years.
Dont know how much that is.

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Gun_Senshi3550d ago

now more idiots will buy multiple x360s.

everyone knows x360 fanboys have at least 2 x360s

NewZealander3550d ago

im not a fanboy but yes i have two 360 consoles, just because they are so cheap and i wanted one for watchin my media on in the bedroom.

killzone2flop3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

WOW i'm really scared now.....what will i do......I know i'll just buy another new Xbox360 if something bad happens sorted.

DavidMacDougall3550d ago

Microsoft loves taking idiots like you to the bank

heyheyhey3550d ago

360 not so cheap now is it?

Magic_The_Celt3550d ago

^ Shane Kim, nobody would want to with him anyway

IzKyD13313550d ago

Your name is awesome killzone2flop, its like having the name "grass isn't green", just because you think it's true doesn't mean it actually is

Sibs3550d ago

*slaps forehead* So that's the problem! He's colorblind!

IzKyD13313550d ago

finally, someone gets it!

N4360G3550d ago

LOL I bet you don't even own a next-gen console pp,stop pretending like you do!!

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Says you3550d ago

Would Microsoft know the real numbers if they keep counting the same people as part of there userbase? the 28 million is false.