Microsoft Australia Announce 2011 Australian XBox360 Sales Stats

While Sony Computer Entertainment Australia announced their sales statistics for the 2011 calendar year earlier this morning, Microsoft Australia has also released theirs. Read on to see what they had to say.

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Dante1123377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

"Microsoft claims that they are the only platform to show growth in a contracted Australian market during the yearly period, along with more than a 5% platform revenue growth during the period."


"On the hardware side, although Sony didn’t give hard numbers it said the PS3 “outperformed the competition”, with a 24% increase in sales"


OtakuStudy3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Unfortunately that is a limitation of going straight from the releases from each company... different sources and different means of claiming dominance in the market.

Honestly, I would just ignore claims such as that and look at the raw stats.... Personally long as they release the games and provide entertainment doesn't matter to me who sold more than who... but I know some people like that sort of stuff.

Darth Stewie3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

So in other words Wii still is in the lead this gen and both 360 and PS3 are selling well. Play games people not sales we are gamers not stock holders.

LOGICWINS3376d ago

You don't have to be a stockholder in order to be interested in sales. Take Vita for example. If the platform sells poorly, it loses dev support...hence gamers lose out on gaming content.

Sales are also the reason that we don't have a sequel to Shenmue 2 and Psychonauts yet.

Whether you like it or not, sales affect gamers along with stockholders.

Btw, what are you doing here? This is a sales article.

TheBrit3376d ago

sorry dude but I am a stock holder of Microsoft.

TheUnbiasedLion3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

If you are then the least of your worries is their gaming division. While it is a big part of revenue it is smaller compared to their software integration for PC's/laptops/phones etc.

Besides depends how much stocks you have as well and these stats in australia won't affect anything anyway so i don't see how your comment means anything other than pointless jibber jabber (yes i know you replied to the stockholders part but LOGICWINS dosn't realise either that sales don't really affect stocks greatly).

If you look at stocks when they are live on market and when news of say NPD results come out for xbox or ps3 their isn't to much change.