IncGamers: Halo Wars Interview

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani caught up with lead producer on Halo Wars, Jason Pace, about the upcoming title.

Discussing the title, Asfahani discusses how the game feels and looks, how it fits into the Halo universe and whether this is the first of many expansions into other genres for the franchise.

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AndyA3640d ago

Sounds like a decent RTS. Ensemble know what they're doing.

Leord3640d ago

Well, I'm very faithful to StarCraft, but I'll definitely try it our. The style is actually quite similar to SC, if you look at screenshots etc..

I wonder if this is intentional, or just something that happens when you have futuristic RTS games...

I mean DoW fans go rampant because they think lots of SC units are "ripped" from DoW...

Leord3640d ago

I'd actually be very interested to see if this could lead to any form of MMO...

There has not been that many interviews with Jason Pace, has there? Not sure if I have seen anyone recently, anyway...

Maticus3640d ago

I'm still interested in hearing more about the MMO that was rumoured recently.

Leord3640d ago

That's what I said =P

thetamer3640d ago

I don't know how long it will be before they get an MMO sorted. I have a funny feeling that might be years from now, and that they'll try to expand the story with the RTS genre.

Dorjan3640d ago

The spartan warrior at the end was funny :)