PS3Hype review: Battlefield Bad Company writes: 'One of the most popular series on the PC has come to the PS3. Battlefield Bad Company is a good follower of the previous Battlefield games. What in the game is good? And what is bad? One bad thing; Bad Company!'

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ali3124664d ago

A little late aren't you

samich20074664d ago

Yes i know, but we are just started at to review games, so we thought every game we could review we review it. :P But I know. Soon you will find some new reviews off games that not released yet or games that are a few days in store.

Kind Regards,

bomboclaat_gamer4664d ago

u suck. review some new games dumb ass

ALL_STAR_284664d ago

Shut the hell up. Thanks for reviewing this game even if it is a little late. Great game in my opinion shouldv'e gotten a nine. But good score nonetheless

TheFreak4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

A very good multiplayer game wich I still enjoy. The singleplayer not so much. Storyline sucks BIG TIME.

samich20074664d ago

If you think we sucks, go and make reviews yourself

Dawn_Of_Ashes4664d ago

come on guys... They are trying to start a website (from what i understand) you dont need to be harsh.

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