IGN: Sonic and the Secret Rings Review

Developed by Sonic Team, Secret Rings thrusts players into a new storyline that revolves around the pages of the classic Arabian Nights book. The pages from the story are being erased by a villain known as Erazor Djinn and Sonic must literally travel into the book in order restore the tale. The theme, which seems inspired by everything from Sinbad and Aladdin to The Neverending Story, marks a fresh departure from the franchise norm. Although classic allies like Knuckles and enemies like Eggman are still featured in the storyline, they are at least initially playing the parts of different characters. The title features an impressive opening cinematic, which comes to life through CG animation. Unfortunately, the story sequences that follow are all designed to look like pages out of a book, which is far less aesthetically appealing. Still, Sonic fans looking for a tale will find one in Secret Rings that is deeper than average, and to be fair the mission-based cinematics, while not grandiose, are plentiful.

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PS360WII4260d ago

Good to hear this is sounding like a fun Sonic game. A step in the right direction was even said. Sounds like Sonic may have a place in this next gen world ^^