Pokemon GO Update Significantly Alters Player Avatar Appearance, Leads To Backlash

The new Pokemon GO update has significantly altered player avatar appearances, leading to backlash from the game's community.

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H987d ago

You are gonna abandon your feminine character and you are gonna like it - Niantic and Nintendo Probably

CobraKai86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Ugh!!! Wtf?!? Why are they cancelling feminine women

MeteorPanda86d ago

Have they never seen female hips? lol

Inverno86d ago

They removed curves and made em look sickly. But hey now you can make a morbidly obese character, or a very buff chick. Tell me how I'm the crazy one, and how there nothing wrong with this. Gaslight me by asking why I'm bothered by video game characters not looking sexy and by telling me that i don't know how real women look like. Smh

isarai86d ago

So we just canceling women now? 😒

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