Paying Extra For Early Access Cannot Be The Industry Norm

Charging for early access has started to become a regular practice in several AAA games, and the gaming community should not tolerate this.

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Community89d ago
CrimsonWing6989d ago

Don’t uh… don’t pay for it then? 🤷‍♂️ It’s 3 days early, let people who can’t wait pony up to pay for early access. I’d hope people have more control over themselves if they don’t want to pay extra. I personally, do not see an issue with the option. If I’m hyped for a game and they give you early access, I’ll pay. If it’s something I can wait to play on “actual release” I won’t pay extra. It’s as simple as that.

Crows9089d ago

Except your entirely mistaken if you think it's "early access"

Theyre just charging you extra to play it on release. So gullible.

Obscure_Observer89d ago

"Theyre just charging you extra to play it on release. So gullible."

Not really.

In some cases, paying for early access will grant you access to play those games at the same time media outlets and reviewers are playing their copies.

Besides, it´s a single player game. It´s not like early access to MP competitive games like Battlefield which EA would grant a full week early access to those willing to pay; which gives a unfair advantage to those gamers and breaks the game´s balance.

CrimsonWing6989d ago

are you playing it earlier than retail release?

If that’s the correct answer, how is it not early access?

Crows9089d ago

It's not early access...it's playing on release...early access is when the game isn't finished and needs a little more time...you also get it months in advance.

Let's not get confused here..

Andrew33689d ago

You get access to the game before it goes live for people who purchased the standard version of the game... thus you are getting early access.

Crows9089d ago

Nope...you get access to the game the day it goes live. Those who didn't pay extra are blocked from accessing it as a punishment for not paying full price

VersusDMC89d ago

Microsoft has been doing premium edition early access for awhile(Forza and Starfield recently) ...so why is it an issue now when Ubisoft does it?

It can't be the gamepass excuse as Ubisoft has day one subscriptions as well.

Obscure_Observer89d ago

I´ve paid for Starfield´s Premium Edition to get early access to the game, plus Shattered Space expansion.

I don´t regret my decision and I mighty pay for it again to get early access to Fable and TESVI.

Andrew33689d ago

@VincentVanBro yea like the kind of idiots who worry about how adults spend their money.

Crows9089d ago


Just like the kind of idiots who get scammed and don't realize it.

Andrew33689d ago

@crows do you understand what the word scam means? Choosing to pay more money to play a game before other people is not being scammed.

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gold_drake89d ago

as long as people are paying for it, it will be a thing unfortunately.

the fear of missing out is ... huge. especially online.

CrimsonWing6989d ago

I don’t think it’s about missing out. Think of it like a movie you’re hyped for. You can see it early if you pay extra or just wait until Friday when it officially releases.

It’s nothing more than that.

Crows9089d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Nope. You're not seeing it early. Everyone else is seeing it late.

When a product releases to the public...that's the release date. If they company then chooses to block access to the product unless you pay extra...that's not early access...that's day 1 access.

CrimsonWing6989d ago (Edited 89d ago )


No, there’s a public release date and an early release date. Just like with movies having early screenings and then public screenings.

They let the public know the release date and then give people an option to play early by paying more.