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Star Wars Outlaws: Official Story Trailer

The World Premiere of the Star Wars Outlaws Story Trailer.

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Community95d ago
darthv7295d ago

It looks okay... I'm just not feeling it like I did with Jedi: Fallen Order.

bababooiy95d ago

Its giving Forspoken vibes. I hate the main character already, the cringe comedy in some of these modern games has become so unbearable to me.

Aphrodia95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

That main character seems so out of place compared to the rest of that cast who all feel like they belong to the Star Wars universe. that was definitely the choice. It was the same thing with Atreus in God of War. His character was so out of place there's no way nobody working on the game didn't know that. But why? I can only think that they want an "average" person thrown in there so that a certain cross section of the audience can somehow identify with. Game of Thrones didn't do this. And , minus the last season of course, it was the most popular thing in the world. It's clearly a boardroom decision but it's so painfully obvious that it sucks you right out of it. Because rest of the characters in this trailer were all super interesting and I was intrigued.

-Foxtrot95d ago

I just don't get why they didn't just do Doctor Aphra

It's like a cheap version of her

Umb95d ago

SBI that's why or their equivalent. if you're a straight white CIS male, this game is not targeted to you.

8bitAssassin94d ago


I feel you on that, but I'm glad this is not about Vader, cause they'd eventually go there.

My problem is the Marvel movies have influenced and ruined the feel of today's dialog and content. Star Wars is not the same and should not be written as such.

bloop94d ago

@8bit, it doesn't help that Disney are handing major series and movies to writers/directors that have no interest in Star Wars, some of which haven't even seen the original Lucas trilogies.

Could they not have come up with an original character for this game? It's like they just gender swapped Solo, but with terrible writing.

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Crows9095d ago

Fallen order had interesting plot...this one is trying to be the female han solo....that's it's identity problem...a dumbass could a figured out the problem but these "writers" are too "smart" and virtuous.

Jin_Sakai95d ago

Last games I enjoyed from Ubisoft was Far Cry 3 and AC: Black Flag. This doesn’t really look impressive either.

Gaming4Life198194d ago

Far Cry 3 is still my favorite of that franchise but 6 is also really good. I'm not a huge fan of AC but I did really enjoy AC Orgins.

Have you played Prince of Persia the Lost Crown or Avatar Frontiers of Pandora? Both of those games are really good and fun. I think Ubisoft has its ups & downs like all companies but they put out good games on a consistent basis.

I don't know how this game will turn out but I'm glad to see something different being done with this star wars game. Developers need to take more risk like back in the day.

Jin_Sakai94d ago

“Have you played Prince of Persia the Lost Crown or Avatar Frontiers of Pandora?“

Played Lost Cown demo and thought it was ok but nothing special. Haven’t played Frontiers of Pandora.

notachance94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

The main character looked like someone's full on self-insert.. she looks like she just suddenly woke up 1 hour ago in the star wars universe lol.

and that monologue definitely reminds me of forspoken...

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ROCKY2895d ago

Terrible trailer and this game looks like a reskin of AC - UBI is SOFT !

Eonjay95d ago

I really don't understand the point of putting up preorders when you haven't shown any gameplay yet

Eonjay95d ago

Oh wow thanks. I can believe I missed it.

Christopher95d ago

I have a lot of issues with that gameplay. I really hope the final product doesn't play like what they showed as far as combat goes.

repsahj94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I have a feeling that the final product will not be as good as the video you showed. Because if you watched this new story trailer, it is nowhere near as close as that video.

RaidenBlack95d ago

I am guessing they'll show more gameplay + Splinter Cell Remake gameplay and the new AC reveal at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward presentation.

vikingland195d ago

It seem reminiscent of Solo story wise.

Hofstaderman95d ago

If theres one thing Ubisoft knows, its to make astounding trailers. I am intrigued but will not preorder.

Aphrodia95d ago

Exactly. i'm feeling Watch Dogs vibes all over again.

victorMaje95d ago

I have a rule about pre-orders (if I ever consider it):
No pre-order is the starting point.
If it’s a game I’m really hyped for, I consider 3 days prior.
If it’s also from a dev I fully trust, I consider up to 1 week prior, never more.

I’ll be waiting for reviews for this one…