Immortals of Aveum set to receive HDR and FSR 3 console frame generation

FSR 3 frame generation is coming to consoles - and sooner than you might imagine.

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Lexreborn212d ago

This game is actually way more charming than it had any right to be. I genuinely like the character interactions and conversations as they feel rather authentic to me.

DivineHand12512d ago

This is great. I will give this game a try when the update is live.

Elda12d ago

I bought Immotals Of Aveum & had a great time playing the game.

Psychonaut8512d ago

Nice! I think this game kinda fell into the The Order trap, styled over substance, but it’s by no means a bad game. I started it, I will probably wait til these improvements drop to continue. Not sure how much good being on PS Plus will do the devs, but hopefully this brings some more eyes to their work for the future, cuz there’s a lot of talent there.

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PS Plus Monthly Games for April: Immortals of Aveum, Minecraft Legends, Skul: The Hero Slayer

All playable April 2.

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ill be trying Immortals of Aveum since i have been waiting for it to be very cheap since i heard its not a very good game.

thesoftware73018d ago

It's a good game, and a couple of weeks ago, it was on sale for about $8.

I am enjoying it.

Christopher18d ago

It's an okay mediocre shooter-style game with typical RPG bloat. It dragged on way longer than it should have, though. If you're not looking to play only 'the best' it will definitely be enjoyable.

thesoftware73018d ago

I agree, not the best, not the worst.

I did really enjoy the acting, and the spell effects, and the nice graphics. It was also kinda cool so have some much effects popping while still controlling like a standard FPS.

VenomUK17d ago

Minecraft Legends? Now a first party Xbox game that is free to Game Pass subscribers will be free to PS Plus subscribers.

It makes me wonder if Microsoft could do this again in the future with other non high profile games.

Soy18d ago

It falls in that "I don't regret playing it, it was fine" category. It got the basics right at least. Just nothing all that memorable.

jznrpg18d ago

Wanted to play the Immortals of Aveum but I didn’t want to pay much for it so I’ve waited .
I’ll check it out on plus if I actually like it I’ll buy a physical copy sometime. Never heard of Skul I’ll try that as well. Minecraft Legends is crappy my kids played it for a little bit but gave up on it fairly quick. MS can’t even please little kids that’s how bad they are with most games.

thesoftware73018d ago

Stop lying. You won't buy a copy of Immortals. They have had a long demo out for this game for a very long time, since launch or close after I believe, and the game has gone on sale many, many times, not to mention all the videos and walkthroughs you could have used to gauge if it was your cup of tea.

It comes with a service that you are already paying for, and it's a good game, not stellar, but just good, and you wanna claim you gonna go buy it physically? I call BS; you are attempting to cover your GamePass-hating propaganda, but at the same time, feel self-conscious about loving the same shit on PS+..so your front, "I'm gonna go buy this physical," lol.

I just bought it a few weeks ago for $8...I was waiting for a good sale or for it to come to one of the 2 sub-services I pay for to play it.

isarai18d ago

There is no PS5 demo, wtf are you talking about?

Crows9018d ago

Stop passing judgement on what you clearly don't know

thesoftware73018d ago

No, wtf are you talking about?

"First-person "magic shooter" Immortals of Aveum is free to try courtesy of an all-new demo.

The free trial is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, and gives you a chance to sample the opening three chapters for yourself."


@ Crows,
What are you talking about? Passing judgment? Not really, calling out hypocrisy.

I just told you what I know, and I know that comment he made was full of ish. I'm not quite sure what you are claiming I don't know...but ok, be vague, and make an asinine comment about passing judgment.

redknight8017d ago

Yeah, lol - who in the bloody hell would buy a physical copy of a so-so game they were so hugely on the fence with when it comes out completely free to play. I suppose if they do REALLY fall in love with it then sure, one could buy a physical copy but yeah, I just also find that unlikely when you get the full game to play for free unless they are the type of person to start and stop services like this often and for extended periods.