Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield buried us, Immortals of Aveum dev says

Immortals of Aveum may have been better received if it wasn’t drowned out by Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3, according to the studio’s founder.

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CrimsonWing6984d ago

I mean, yea, better games bury sh*tty games... better luck tomorrow.

goldwyncq83d ago

Horizon and its sequel are good examples of being on the receiving end of that.

TripleAAARating83d ago

except "Horizon and its sequel" are exceptionally well made games, nice try wirh the surreptitious comment.

andy8583d ago

I mean Horizon 1 was one of the highest rated games of the year and has sold 25 million. Wouldn't really call it a sh*try game and buried.

isarai84d ago

You're game didn't stand out, interesting concept with the most generic execution.

-Foxtrot83d ago

Guys blaming everything but the actual game looking generic and being average

Lightning7783d ago

Yet didn't think twice to delay it? Who's fault is that?

Tacoboto83d ago

I'd wonder how the relationship with EA worked. EA did sacrifice Titanfall 2 in a similar way.

Horrible decision making regardless of what party decided it though.

Crows9083d ago

Srarfield barely buried anything...it buried itself but baldurs gate....yeah that buried everything

Barlos83d ago

Shhhh. You know comments like that will attract Obscure Observer like a fly is attracted to shit.

Actually now that I think about it that's quite an accurate analogy 😂

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1d 14h ago

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ThinkThink6d ago

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