'Games made by soulless machines': Tech sparks debate over AI stories in video games

Is the future of artificial intelligence in video games playing out in a cyberpunk ramen bar? Tech companies would like you to think so, but game writers aren't so sure.

Profchaos64d ago

From witnessing countless ai generated articles and content it's clear ai is not very creative and often produces nothing but word soup so I'd like to keep ai away from storyline or side quests as much as possible

Where does ai have a place I think ai can be used effectively in upscaling technology or the remastering process for older games touching up assert etc however it must be done with human supervision ala GTA trilogy where it was used but clearly not vetted before being included in the game

anast63d ago

You have a point, but it's not going to stop. We will either play AI games in the future or not play them at all.

Vits63d ago

I mean the core issue with AI is exactly what it's substituting. Generating visual art is a perfect example of this. Currently, if you want to use AI to generate anything short of a background, you are going to deal with numerous drawbacks. From anatomy issues in humans and animals to completely broken fonts for logos and visibly recycled styles.

But when it comes to writing, things are a bit messy. There are indeed extremely talented writers out there working on video games. But there are also a lot of them who really aren't, and we all know it. Take games like the recent Suicide Squad or Starfield; those game scripts could very well have been done by AI.

Another issue with AI writers that is often pointed out is the ludonarrative issue. Basically, AI, by its very nature, wouldn't be able to write within the context of the game mechanics and scenarios, which would lead to a lot of ludonarrative problems and break immersion. However, against that argument, one need not look further than The Last of Us Part II. That game is a embodiment of ludonarrative issues and is still considered by many as one of the best games and game stories out there, so it's clear that for the majority of the market, that would not be an issue.

So AI, with all its limitations right now, probably wouldn't hurt game stories as much as the writers would like gamers to believe. I doubt that it would improve what we have now, but given what we have now, I also doubt that it would be measurably worse.

PitbullMonster63d ago

Games made by Ubisoft, Activision, EA and Bathesda already feel soulless.

calactyte63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

As it stands right now, AI is really good at taking existing concepts that a human imagines and then organizing them into a coherent story. You still need creativity, but I think having a "room of writers" is probably no longer necessary. So in that regard AI is taking jobs. For instance, let's say I provide AI with a number of characters and what their personalities are. I might say, (if making a murder mystery) the Butler who seems like the protagonist is actually the killer. If you try this, AI will do a pretty fantastic job of writing dialogue between characters that would lead you, as the reader, not to suspect who the killer is. Normally a writer works with other writers and breaks a story down into parts where the characters motives start as unclear and then progressively become revealed. AI does a really nice job with foreshadowing also. You can also tell AI to incorporates symbolism, and misdirection. TLDR; I'll never not use AI when writing a story. It's just a tool that when used properly will make good writing great.

S2Killinit62d ago

Horrible future awaiting us all.


New and improved ASUS ROG Ally X battery life is just what it needs to compete with the Steam Deck

Yet another leak for the ASUS ROG Ally X points towards as much as 8 hours of battery, but how does that compare to the competition?

Vits2d ago

Honestly, I really like this updated version. But it doesn't solve the biggest flaw that the original had for me: the Z1 Extreme APU. Yes, it's an extremely powerful part, but it is not part of AMD's Adrenalin driver update program, so it's dependent on Asus for driver updates. And unfortunately, Asus doesn't have a stellar record of support for their devices.

Goodguy012d ago

Up to 8 hours basically just means the least demanding games. AAA gaming at highest wattage would probably be about 2-3 hours which is good compared to just about 1 hour with the current ally. The OLED Deck can do about 2-3hrs.

Killa788h ago

Too bad Asus are all awful company.


They used to be the best when it comes to motherboards, now I will never buy anything from them again.

Firebird3606h ago

8 hrs yea right. Running tetris?

Skuletor4h ago

Only after setting the screen brightness to the lowest level, of course.

Asuka5h ago

Nope. The only improvements I want to hear is better customer support. Otherwise, I can't be bothered.

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N64: Recompiled — Creating Native PC Ports Is A Godsend For Game Preservation

"In a time when companies don't care about preserving games, I have high respect for the creators of projects like N64: Recompiled." - Hanzala from eXputer.

gold_drake1d 7h ago

it is, i might be finally able to play Snowboard kids 1 full screen ha.

purple10110h ago

il beat you to the ski-lift,

framerate on snowboard kids was shocking, do you remember./?

talking of shocking framerate and kart racers style games,
Sony had a gem on ps3, with 'Modnation Racers' but again, framerate was so terrible, still fun though, indeed, when is drifting sideways not fun, the answer is never. we have not seen enough of that game, technically some people made race tracks/games in dreams and little big planet etc, but its just not the same,!!! grrrrr

morning rant over.

here, relive some ,memories. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

itBourne7h ago

The load time on ModNation where also excruciatingly long... But man oh man I wish that game took off more, so much fun! Could turn off garbage rubber banding, I had karts with 100's of stickers to design some crazy cool stuff, custom tracks. Fantastic undeappreciated game

gold_drake3h ago

SK1 had a fairly good framerate. sk2 maybe not so much ha

Redgrave3h ago

Some food for thought:

Would you donate your physical copy of a really rare/expensive cartridge (Conkers's BFD, Bomberman 64 Second Attack, Ogre Battle 64, the two Castlevania titles, etc) to those managing this project for the greater good of getting them preserved online for all to experience at some point?

UltimateOwnage3h ago

As long as it meant they never took money from Patreon and invited a DMCA takedown / lawsuit by Nintendo to take it all away. After seeing the whole debacle with Yuzu I now question how long any of these teams can maintain game preservation efforts through emulator development, or otherwise.

franwex14m ago

I mean. They may borrow them…

Inverno3h ago

The snippet of ray tracing at the end of the og trailer was low-key amazing. I found out thanks to Nerrel who also made a texture pack for MM, and i can't wait to see how much more great this game will be in the near future. With model swaps, ray tracing, retextures, and a more quicker process than decompilation, it's gonna bring new life to N64 games.


Activision’s new Elsewhere Entertainment studio is working on a new IP

Headquartered in Poland, Elsewhere Entertainment — an all-new internal studio at Activision — is working on a new “narrative-based and genre-defining AAA franchise.” Elsewhere includes developers credited on The Last of Us, Uncharted, Destiny, Cyberpunk, and more. Activision’s new studio announcement comes just a week after its parent company, Microsoft, closed three Bethesda studios. It also follows job postings about a new Activision IP.

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Sciurus_vulgaris3d ago

The game industry confuses, closing down proven studios only open a new studio?