Ghost Of Tsushima PC Port Soars Through Steam Sales Chart After Official Reveal

The Ghost of Tsushima PC port exploded in popularity after the Steam reveal. The pre-orders made it become one of the most selling games.

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Community98d ago
purple10198d ago

one good thing about Sony releasing on pc late, in this case, (Ghost of Tsushima was released 2020)

Is 4 years have gone by and technology moved on, so now, almost any pc, will play it on high/ultra high settings.!!!

itsmebryan98d ago

What do you mean? The same way R&C could only be played with PS5's "SUPER fast SSD then even PCs with a slow mechanical hard drive was able to play it. PCs will be OK. Smh

LucasRuinedChildhood98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

PCs with slow HDDs would stutter and freeze trying to catch up in heavy moments when rifts are used.

Regardless, your point is random and has nothing to do with the topic.

purple101's point is just that more users will be able to play the game at the best settings now versus if it came to PC in 2020 which is objectively true. You're being weird.

Goosejuice98d ago

Also at the time when RC released it was only possible on ps5 at the time. Direct storage was not implemented onto pc at the time which is why it works now. Direct storage is the only reason why it works on pc with hdd

ThatArtGuy98d ago

Ghost was initially made for PS4, not PS5.

Markdn97d ago

It was proven that a standard HD didn't do very well at all with r&c So your comment is mute bryan

outsider162497d ago

"a slow mechanical hard drive".
What about all that PC is best place to play? All that talk about pc is better and playing on an HDD? People are lying to themselves if they say hdd and sdd are the same.

fr0sty97d ago

You mean play R&C at 720p 30fps and still have stuttering on mechanical HDDs... Fixed that for you.

Ps5conehead97d ago

Sony must of hurt your feelings. They said it couldn’t run on ps4.some pc have faster drives and ssc and m.2 drives. Where ps4 dose not

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FinalFantasyFanatic97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

PS5 isn't really that high spec, any PC from the past 6 or so years (providing those older PCs used higher end hardware) should be able to play it easily in high/ultra high, the only extra thing people may have to pick is an SSD. You're overestimating the PS5 and underestimating PCs.

raWfodog98d ago

The original game came out almost 4 years ago, and the Directors Cut was released almost 3 years ago. Why do some PS fans hate that this is coming to PC?

In my opinion, this is a good way to build more of a fan base in preparation for the sequel.

purple10198d ago

Don’t know. Who says they hate it coming to pc, if you see where they are il go ask them why, no qualms

FinalFantasyFanatic97d ago

Try the Steam forums, half an hour after announcement, and it's a sh*t storm, I would not even bother going there right now.

FinalFantasyFanatic96d ago

Where is the lie? That's exactly what happened.

98d ago
thorstein98d ago

No one hates that you get to play an amazing beautiful game.

itsmebryan98d ago

The reason they hate it now is because when Microsoft put games on PC Sony fans would say "Xbox has no games. " But, I don't hear them saying that anymore especially when Sony doesn't have any 1st party games scheduled till next year.

For some reason they feel games are better if they are only on PlayStation and when it goes to PC they feel less special .

raWfodog98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I could understand it more if it was released on PC the same day or even close to the original PS release date. You’d like to think that was the reason that you invested in buying PS, to play their ‘exclusive’ games. But I would think 3 or 4 years is long enough to make you feel ‘special’. It shouldn’t take away your love or enjoyment of the game because PC gamers will be able to enjoy it now.

Ps5conehead97d ago

I’m a big time ps5 person. It dose not bother me at all. I might get it for my pc that’s decked out with a 4080 and play it again . It gives others a chance to play on pc. It also gives Sony another revenue source . Then they can make mote games with a higher return on investment .

helicoptergirl98d ago

I'm being very honest. I have really not seen a single PS fan, at this point, upset that it's coming to PC. Doing this helps Sony fund their massive budget GOTY contender games that we ALL love.

raWfodog98d ago

I’m sure some of the 10 million purchasers of Ghost are not happy it’s going to PC. Some people are just like that. My question was just more wondering why that is. It’s not as if it takes away the fun that you had with the game. It just simply comes down to being petty I think.

98d ago
helicoptergirl98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

@ Alatreon, there is no outrage from 99% of PS fans i bet

Ironmike98d ago

Is this joke this site being full of ppl whinging g about it coming to pc

helicoptergirl98d ago

No there aren't. Next to no one is arguing about it coming to PC. People are happy it's coming to PC. now if it was going to Xbox, then that'd be a different story I would think.

Sephiroushin97d ago

oh go steam forum or here, see the dislike people get when they ask the fanboys why they are upset that the game is coming to PC, a couple of months before ghost 2 gets announced for ps5 by sony ...

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InUrFoxHole97d ago

Probably talking about the only exclusives matter crowed. It's a fanboy arguement. When xbox started on pc the console war goal posts shifted and it was .... xbox has no exclusives because I can just skip xbox and get a pc. But now the same could be said for a Playstation. It's a stupid argument 🙄. Give the gamers options. Some people forgot they were the consumer and fed into the companies hands.

raWfodog97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

If a company is trying to push their consoles, then exclusive titles are a must. That’s why PS and Nintendo are killing it in their console sales. PS still has exclusives for a while before they are dev’d for PC, and that timeline is becoming shorter these days. I personally think that’s a winning formula for pushing both hardware and software, rather than releasing day one on PC. You’ll always have consumers who’ll want to play the game as soon as possible rather than wait for an arbitrary PC release date.

InUrFoxHole97d ago

I don't think these companies will care too much longer about consoles. You're gonna be able to play psn and xbl on a TV.