Ghost of Tsushima is being review bombed on Steam due to PSN controversy

Ghost of Tsushima is being negatively reviewed on Steam due to its forced PSN requirements similar to Helldivers 2.

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_SilverHawk_37d ago

I don't know why sony would want people to sign into their service as if sony ownS the game.

gold_drake37d ago

not sure if sarcasm or not, but they do own the ip tho. ha.

thorstein37d ago

They're review bombing because PSN is required to play multiplayer.

Unlike some sites have claimed, it's not a launcher, it's just an overlay.

It's a bizarre thing to review bomb over since anyone can play it the single player game without it.

It's a single player game. The MP is bonus material.

StormSnooper36d ago

I know it’s not like every other company requires people to sign into their account. S:

GamerRN36d ago

They are doing it because if Xbox creates a PC hybrid console they want a way to prevent them from accessing their games.

DarXyde36d ago

They deserve it. They've made it clear this is not necessary.... So don't force it.

Zenzuu36d ago

Sony own's the IP, Sucker Punch is Sony's first party developer. So yeah, they own the game whether you like it or not.

InUrFoxHole36d ago

Are you saying gamers should just be happy with 3/4th the product?

thorstein36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Ghost of Tsushima released as a single player game. The MP was added later.

MP is available in 73 countries.

MP is not 1/4 of the game. It's closer to 1/50.

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TheEroica36d ago

Careful! You don't want to take Sony to task in a chat filled with corporate shilling Sony fans... God forbid we call out obvious bull from our favorite plastic box overlord....

derek36d ago

@TheEroica, only childish brats whine about such things or the occupy Wallstreet crowd such as yourself, lol. Its always laughable seeing westerners claim to be against "corporations " when the entire population across western civilization is steeped in corporate culture/product use.

thorstein36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I reported it as Old and gave that exact reason because the claims were outdated.

My report was removed.

Einhander197236d ago

I don't think I have ever agreed with anything you've said, but on this issue we're on the same page.

gold_drake37d ago

just make it an option, not a requirement.

StormSnooper36d ago

Yes just because all other companies require you to log in doesn’t mean PlayStation should be allowed to do the same.

gold_drake36d ago

thats a weird thing to say. if all the others require you to do it, why should they not be allowed to?

how about we dont make it a requirement, period?

OWCY36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You keep saying this. But research first maybe. Most company's have wide reach so they are pretty much everywhere, psn has like a 62 country reach, so it's alienate all the other countries that doesn't have psn access...

antikbaka36d ago

do other companies ban 170 countries from buying the game?

outsider162436d ago

Hold up. Is it a requirement to play the single player? Or just multiplayer

peppeaccardo36d ago

As far as I understand at the technical level is to have the cross play features active between pure PSN and new Steam users, as the developers explained: "Legends co-op multiplayer mode requiring Windows to access PlayStation Network integrated features". I have purchased played and finished this game and its dlc on Playstation together with each and every exclusive and I can wholeheartly say that this is a fantastic game with amazing esploration, combat story graphics and ALL which includes a fantastic and unique multiplayer mode. Whining back at a company which is actually bringing innovation and a pletora of great games for everybody to enjoy is a bit lame and shows a bit of immaturity in my modest opinion. NOT buying this game because people do not want to sign up for PSN is a great loss in terms of enjoyment and pure discovery of a great game,

outsider162436d ago

Yeah, i don't get either. If the game were to require online to play a single player game then by all means, yes we need to call them out. But a multiplayer requiring a psn connection for online gaming isn't much is it?
I'm asking for those that have a problem with it. Like what exactly is the problem here(i don't game on pc btw)
And aren't we required to sign on psn on ps anyway?

Christopher37d ago

Sony made the mistake of requiring a login for their service like EA, Take2, Microsoft, Rockstar, and more and by being named Sony.

I'd be more supportive of this drive to push back against secondary logins if people were actually criticizing the biggest offenders out there. But this is just controversy for Sony, not for the plethora of other companies.

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H937d ago

Why can't you just recognize this as a step forward, why because it's Sony everyone need to prove their loyalty to the cause first before they attack them, Sony always needs to come last for you

Christopher36d ago

Because they immediately stopped at Sony. I wholeheartedly support the movement, but gamers aren't moving forward with it. And that's why I'm rolling my eyes at gamers who think they're fighting the good fight. They're not. Just pounding chests and letting the worse offenders get away.

DivineHand12536d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Were you living under a rock when it was reported that PSN is only available in a limited amount of countries? Compared to the other companies which greatly support more countries.

Because of Sony's requirement, their games like Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima have been delisted in over 170 countries. These restrictions would not have been in place if Sony didn't suddenly mandate those logins.

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thorstein36d ago

According to Steam, Sony, and Arrowhead, HD2 and GoT is available in 73 countries.

There are 195 countries on Earth.