Sega Blames Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Sonic Superstars’ Dip

Sega claims Super Mario Bros. Wonder's launch overshadowed Sonic Superstars, affecting sales. Sega remains hopeful for a turnaround.

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Cacabunga79d ago

SEGA in victim mode for many years.. blaming others for doing good never questioning themselves.. no need to be marketing effort to know that releasing a bit of the same sonic at the same time as a very creative and perfectly executed 2D mario would hurt the sales.. well SEGA have one of the most amateur marketing people in the industry


The rivals are at it again. 😁

ZeekQuattro79d ago

Even when Sega were still in the console business Sonic couldn't compete in terms of sales with Mario. Sonic is hot ragain and Sega still managed to fuck up. Quite the accomplishment.

Agent7579d ago

A lot of bad Sonic games over the years. After Sonic Adventure 2, although Sonic Adventure was better, Sonic died. Apart from the Sonic Racing, that's pretty much it. Sonic Frontiers, SEGA should've knocked out Sonic Adventure 3. These SEGA collections have been knocking around for too long. There's been too much dumbness at SEGA.

FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago

Sega is no stranger to dumb decisions, they've had a lot of practice, having said that, I love the Sonic Racing games and the movies.

Knightofelemia79d ago

Sonic is great but he is nothing when compared to Mario. Nintendo just knows how to utilize Mario better like Mario Maker, Super Smash, Mario Kart, Mario RPG, Mario Paint. Sonic is not a utilizable enough like Mario. Mario can be adapted to different games. Sonic is pretty much run, run, run. Sure Sonic has his own other games but again he is nothing when compared to Mario.

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Crossplay Will Be In College Football 25 But Not In Online Dynasty Mode

EA Sports dropped their first gameplay trailer for College Football 25 today and the game looks truly amazing. Buried in the details of the game hype, however, is a significant letdown for those who play online dynasty (a significant portion of the userbase).

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Resident Evil 1 Remake To Have Slower Pace; Will Further Expand On The Game's Lore

Many details for the upcoming rumored Resident Evil 1 remake have already leaked online. Capcom appears to have huge ambitions for it.

XiNatsuDragnel1h ago

Sounds interesting I'll be interested in the second remake of re1

Cacabunga1h ago

They game cube remake was mind blowing.. another remake would be nice but i was really hoping for Code Veronica first

-Foxtrot37m ago

If it's true they are probably leading up to RE5 with the Chris vs Wesker story

RE1, CV and then RE5

fsfsxii1h ago

Cant wait until they cut the basement section and replace it with something worse.

Becuzisaid1h ago

While I want another modern remake of 1, I think code Veronica should be first. The first re1 remake holds up amazingly well. Give CV it's due.

Scissorman1h ago

As long as the Crimson Heads are back.

Levii_921h ago

Come on State of Play already!!!

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VR MOBA 'Mecha Party' Is Now Available On Steam & PSVR 2

Mecha Party brings the VR MOBA to Europe and Asia on PSVR 2 and Steam, while the Quest 3 version targets a summer release.

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