The future of Xbox: Will history remember 'the end of exclusive games' as the right choice?

A gamble that could pay off, or backfire.

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Community89d ago
Jin_Sakai90d ago

Xbox is pretty much irrelevant at this point and PlayStation will open up a massive player base for Xbox games.

Obscure_Observer89d ago

Yeah, it´s so "irrelevant" that even publishers and developers that used to skip Xbox and keep their games exclusive to either or both Nintendo and Sony, are now heading towards to Series Consoles.

Playstation "massive" player base couldn´t prevent Sony from losing freaking 10 Billion after its latest financial report, and PC which used to be treated as Sony´s *main* competitor according to Andrew House, is now their main partner.

Those are the facts.

89d ago
Crows9089d ago

Another fact for you. Developments is pretty standardized now compared to before.

Many games still skip Xbox consoles.

89d ago
Ironmike89d ago

Sony going to be doing the same watch next Yr

89d ago
S2Killinit89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Xbox has never been as irrelevant as it is today. So much so that they are releasing their games on other consoles to make a profit.


anast89d ago

It will be up by 20 billion by the end of the 4th quarter.

StormSnooper89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Even you can’t deny that Xbox isn’t what it used to be. They lose more ground with every generation.

derek88d ago

@Obscure, lol. You guys are delusional. The stock went down and it will go back up. PC is a partner? There is nothing to partner with concerning pc, it's is an open platform and Sony will use it as it sees fit.

Markusb3388d ago

imagine thinking anyone needs to listen to the company that has came 3rd place in every gen in every gen it was on the market, xb pretends its driving the industry this is not the case, when you have to say every screen is an xb you know you have to only a 3rd party publisher.

Philaroni88d ago

I don't do this much but I'll make and effort. This is at both Obscure_Observer and Jin_Sakai.

First off, none of the systems are irrelevant. I, myself am getting a bit tried of all the doom and gloom comments. The real facts are yes, MS is in 3rd place (BOOH ooh) they still make cash, good for them. Nintendo is about as healthy of a company that next to never has laid people off when all others did. Third, Sony is being Sony, They are or at least at this time of writing, have understood they can't with the cost of games do things how they use too.

@Obscure The loss of 10 Billion is in market value. That is not just due to them lowering expectations for the PS5 but as products as a whole. Unless you have some Sony stock like I do. It matters little, The market will correct itself as it tends to do. Its just share holders selling when it was high and not seeing it getting higher up. As complex as it is, they do answer more to the NIK then the DOW or others. Much more going on there then just PlayStation as Japan is having some major social and economical issues atm. For some information on how this works I will just quote.

"Market value or OMV is the price at which an asset would trade in a competitive auction setting. Market value is often used interchangeably with open market value, fair value or fair market value, although these terms have distinct definitions in different standards, and differ in some circumstances"

It really means nothing to us gamers, Sony and MS are so far apart in this its a joke to compare. Though I get why gamers see this and freak out.

On the MS side, they got all the capital in the world, right now.. I hope we see it translate in to good games and want the best for it all, though, though history and my personal experience working at MS. Cash does not solve issues, you can have the money but if you don't pay the right person/people to do it then you get nothing out of it, and we don't in the end.

I do think MS is trying hard to be the best version of themselfs in the Xbox brand. Though.... The thing that sticks with me is.... how is it the largest, most powerful, software company in the world still has no game engine of there own? Slipstream failed, hard, Mixer dead. They seem to be as bad as google on just green lighting things and then never really cultivating those who are there.

Cacabunga88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

FF7R? When is it coming to your box?

“ Sony´s *main* competitor according to Andrew House, is now their main partner. ”

Ok so you prefer what, when Xbox is a competitor or a partner?? Cause it’s2 totally different things.. you cannot like both except if you are a brand fanboy only which means you are delusional

Sonic188188d ago (Edited 88d ago )


Watching you have a nervous breakdown is hilarious. It's like you put all your energy in Microsoft and Xbox and they let you down and betrayed your loyalty to them. Everything you said in the past is irrelevant now 😂

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89d ago Replies(8)
TheEroica88d ago

Down with exclusives games... Down with gamers posing as corporate shills... Power to gamers having access to all games without hardware pay walls!

Eonjay88d ago

And then you get to Nintendo who is like 'Hell No'.

GhostScholar88d ago

That’s odd to say Sony will open up a massive player bass for Xbox games when all
I read on here is that Xbox has no games. Also no one said there won’t be exclusives. People said Sony would never put their games on pc but they did. Lastly, Sony fan boys keep Xbox relevant because Xbox is all they talk about. SMH

Eonjay88d ago

If all you read on N4G is Xbox has no games, you might not know how to read lol.

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-Foxtrot90d ago

I hate the idea of consoles losing exclusive games, I'd be gutted if Sony or Nintendo started putting their games on whatever willy nilly as you've got to have that special "ooomf" to justify the purchase of each one.

However in Xbox's case they've been heading down this path for years now, not just because of Microsoft's new business goals but because of their own silly decisions. Microsoft buying up two massive publishers paved the way for them to become a huge third party publisher themselves and in years to come more games will come to other consoles

If you think they will stop at just 4 games then you are lying to yourselves

Lightning7789d ago

Nobody suspects they'll ll stop at 4. They're just testing the waters. If they succeed expect more of those types of games to make the jump.

EvertonFC89d ago

"If they succeed" well we know the answer to that already, so basically a 3rd party company in 3 years.

89d ago
89d ago
Lightning7789d ago

@Ever riiiight They're releasing a new gen console.

So much for 3 years I guess.

@landy get lost spam bot.

89d ago
EvertonFC89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Of course they will have a console, but they will love the profits from Nintendo and PlayStation gamers buying the games.
It's gonna actually be a great move for Xbox, I'm not in the playstation has defeated Xbox camp fella I can assure you.
Playstation fans won't like me saying this but Sony will see the profits MS is actually making and will no doubt offer at least some exclusives imo at some point nxt generation.
It's about profits for these companies at the end of the day and they all love the €/£/$

Obscure_Observer89d ago

"If you think they will stop at just 4 games then you are lying to yourselves"

Well, I believe more games will come eventually. Just not the ones you´re expecting.

They´re already announced their plans to release another powerful next gen system. So to assume they´ll release their major system-sellers on both Nintendo and Sony´s systems is silly to say at least.

"I'd be gutted if Sony or Nintendo started putting their games on whatever willy nilly as you've got to have that special "ooomf" to justify the purchase of each one."

I wonder if Playstation consoles will be worth for you in the future as more and more games will making its way to PC.

I believe Nintendo will be the only one of the big three to remain loyal to console gaming only for the foreseeable future.

89d ago
Philaroni88d ago

I can agree on some of this, the two big ones for me are Killer Instinct, and Sunset Overdrive. My reasons for this is that Sony owns EVO and it could spark a new life in the KI IP to have another, even side matches. Sunset Overdrive is one of the most under played games I feel on Xbox, being it was from Insomniac, and near all of the fanbase was on PlayStation.

Nintendo, well they are fine. I honestly see them doing something with Xbox before Sony, If you know the history Nintendo was a division of Sony many years ago, long before many of us could walk. I don't see them working 'together' anytime soon.

As for the PC part, I'm kind of in a 20/80 Agreement? 20 for 80 against. Most of the people I play with are all on an Xbox or PS4 or PS5. Lots of Steam people as well. My best friend will only play on his big TV and such, where I am here with my Uber gamer PC set up that is outdated.. but I can still play everything rather well.. though it cost me close to *coughs* $2700 back then... As much as I want to upgrade I hate to say it the PC gaming situation has got rather crap over the last few years. If you don't have the technical know how on fixing stuff on your own. That is just not worth it to most people. Can just by an Xbox or PS5 and more or less plug and play.

As for the games on PS making it to PC. So far for me its worked out well, they do a good job of Ultra wide support (God please MS support this, I'd kill for it) and compared to 3rd parties have a better track record of fixing things more in a timely manor. Is it perfect, hell no. But MS still blows balls at the MS Xbox launcher, I been crossing my digits for a refresh. Anyone that has used it alot will know the pain XD.

Nintendo I agree will be in their own place, kind of beside the big two but not against them? Oddly all the MS news as of late and such just keeps benefiting them more then anyone.

EvertonFC88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I believe we have 1 generation left of hardware, maybe 2 generations for Nintendo and PlayStation but after that it'll be an app on your phone like GP, Ps plus, steam etc and you just flick the app to the TV and your playing your favourite games.
It'll cost the gamer £350 a year if they want Nintendo, Xbox and playstation subscriptions, GaaS, live, early access service games will all be across the subscriptions and exclusives will be timed from all 3 companies with exceptions to some 1st party games from the 3.

StoneTitan88d ago

You just eat up everything that spencer says.
I mean. If xbox does not bring their big games over to ps its over for them. Watch the next elder scrolls. Skyrim sold over 100million right?
Starfield did what? Not even 10. No ps- no bethesda. They are gonna let go more and more people its gonna be a massacre.

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MrDead89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

It's funny now MS is multiplatform it's own platform will be it's smallest customer base. They purchased publishers and studios that profit the least from Xbox and now MS is taking control away from Xbox heads and making multiplatform games multiplatform again!?!.. MS is the worst thing to ever happen to the gaming industry so far, lets see what damage their dream of rentals only does to gaming, their horrendous mergers have already crapped on the workforce and left fans of franchises in limbo.

EvertonFC88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

MS won't care when 5m plus Nintendo/playstation fans buy the halo collection or 10m buy the gears games etc etc.
Shit load of cash from playstation and Nintendo with Xbox back catalogue alone then add to that indy, ES6, hellblade 2 etc.

MrDead88d ago

"MS won't care when 5m plus Nintendo/playstation fans buy the halo collection or 10m buy the gears games etc etc."

Exactly, Xbox is MS's smallest market. Now that they are buying up the industry firing thousands of devs and making a handful of extremely rich people even richer the Xbox hardware is kinda pointless. Their dream of making the gaming industry into a huge rental service is still the goal, so don't worry your wish could still come true.

anast89d ago

Nintendo can't, it would destroy their console sales. Their consoles are always the weakest every gen.