Starfield has lost 97% of its Steam players in less than six months

In the six months since it launched, Starfield, Bethesda's long-awaited space RPG, has seen its Steam player count drop by over 300,000.

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Jin_Sakai102d ago

30fps clunker on Xbox and lost 97% of players on PC. What an accomplishment.

Obscure_Observer102d ago

Who cares about STEAM?

Still one of the most played games on XBOX right now! XD

Jin_Sakai102d ago

“Who cares about STEAM?”

“Still one of the most played games on XBOX right now!”

Wow! Now that’s something to brag about.

fr0sty102d ago

PC gamers care about Steam... Those who want the game to run well and to be able to mod it to remove the many bugs and shortcomings the game has... but obviously not even that was enough to keep them interested.

Christopher102d ago

***Who cares about STEAM? ***


Cacabunga102d ago

Prove it! That xbox is bigger than Steam..

They will get some player count on PS5 soon.

andy85102d ago

Because it's 'free'. Steam users pay.

Barlos102d ago

Your cared about Steam when the numbers were more fitting of your skewed narrative.

Profchaos102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Steam players.

TicklefistCP102d ago

Oh absolutely, for sure, uh huh. We all know Bethesda games have a long history of thriving due to their active Xbox modding communities...

ironmonkey102d ago

300 people out of 300 million? Lmao

JEECE102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Because we can see the numbers and compare them to other games through services like Steam charts and SteamDB. People are always going to talk about the platform where we can actually see the numbers.

Futureshark102d ago

What an obscure observation!!??!!

anast101d ago

Not too many people play on XboX. Most people play on STEAM, EPIC, and PS 4/5.

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Old McGroin102d ago

It's a single player game that can take up to 40 hours to complete, of course its player base would drop off after 6 months.

Jin_Sakai102d ago

Skyrim takes about 35 hours to complete but people put significantly more hours into the game than that. Starfield was suppose to be Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls in space. What happened?

andy85102d ago

I mean you are right with the single player thing. But Skyrim is single player also, 12 years old and currently has 3x the amount of players online.

MrBaskerville102d ago

It is possible for people to buy and play a game after release.

Obscure_Observer102d ago


"Wow! Now that’s something to brag about."

Oh it IS!!!

Starfield, which is a new IP being among the most played games on Xbox after SIX freaking months without any expansions, DLCs or MOD support available, is certainly a hard punch in the face of certain people who claimed that Xbox players don´t like RPGs.

Phil was absolutely successful into making Xbox the house of RPGs! FACT!

Omegasyde102d ago

Isn’t it still include on gamepass?

Obscure_Observer102d ago


"Isn’t it still include on gamepass?"

It is. So what?

With so many quality games on Gamepass and after six months Xbox players are still playing a 40 hour single player Bethesda RPG without any additional content like DLCs, expansions or Mod support!

If such game is not a *HUGE* success on Xbox, I don´t know what it is.

Btw, BG3 is not available on Gamepass and also is one of the most played game on Xbox right now!

Barlos102d ago

That's funny, because I'm playing nothing but RPGs on my PS5 right now. In the last month I've bought (bought, not rented through a subscription service - i know buying games is an alien concept to you) Like a Dragon and Persona 3 Reload, and in only a couple of weeks I'll be playing FF7 Rebirth. Last year I had BG3 and FF16.

But yeah, you keep up the fallacy that somehow Xbox is the house of RPGs. I suppose if you are somehow referring to first party, then if you're happy with startlingly average Western RPGs then you might be right.

MrBaskerville102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

What else should they be playing? And it might say bad things about Forzas performance. One would think that a Forza reboot could top the xbox charts.

I was letdown by both and stopped playing a long time ago. Luckily I never bought any of them. Was some ofnthe bigger dissapointments for me in 2023.

MrBaskerville102d ago

They do own some power houses of crpg games in Inxile, Obsidian and Bethesda. It's just that, none of them has released any rpg bangers since they went first party. So maybe one day it will be true.

102d ago
Futureshark102d ago

What an obscure observation!!??!

Elda102d ago

Highly doubtful at this point in time that Starfield is the top 5 game being played on XB, or even top ten.It's hype is dead & gone.

anast101d ago