Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Fans Should Be Prepared for Drastically Different Combat

Dragon Age has never had consistent combat across its games, and players shouldn't expect anything familiar with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

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forevercloud3000144d ago

I don't entirely agree with this.
While we should always expect some kind of changes I don't see why we fans should accept any large departure that doesn't credit to what we have become used to. In a series, changes should only be being made if it IMPROVES the experience. Not for change sake, not for chasing trends. If DA:D doesn't have a full controllable party that is a very big minus in my book. All previous games have had this key feature.

With the latest Final Fantasy 16 also pulling this maneuver it would hurt losing another tactical party based rpg within the AAA space. FF16 barely felt like an rpg and i really don't want that for Dragon Age. If they really built this game without tactical party control then they should take the whole concept back to the drawing board.

BrainSyphoned144d ago

Does anyone that remembers the last good Dragon Age work there still? Face facts, the chefs that cooked the meal you remember are gone and Bioware doesn't have the recipe. It will be different because they are incapable of producing the quality they were known for a decade or two ago, kinda like Bethesda.

forevercloud3000144d ago

I really fear you are right about this. I would be truly heartbroken. Dragon Age is one of my top 3 game series. Its been such a long gap since inquisition, so many layoffs, hell even David Gaider left. What even is Bioware anymore?

I hope the huge success of a crunchy tactical party based rpg like Baldurs Gate 3 has shaken these devs who've lost faith in their original rpg stylings. I absolutely do not want every future Rpg to be a God of War/Witcher 3/Elden Ring clone. Those games have their place, but being the maestro of the battlefield, seeing your team combine skills in flawless coordination, offers a very different kind of satisfaction.

just_looken144d ago

The dragon age keep still only trilogy mine ME were a choice you made game 1 affects game 3 has been on life support for 7 years now last 2 is not even working right on pc its basically doa :( shows there current view on the series.

Golden goose out back having a slow death

just_looken144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I love thhe dragon age 3 combat system right up there with witcher 3 for me but i know any new bioware game is not from the same team and made over 20people have mental breakdowns with alot of them quitting. So my expectations are very very very very very low from this team.

I mean the mass effect teaser is fem shep as a fashion model wearing a jacket in space? wtf

shinoff2183143d ago

Ff 16 definitely felt like it was missing the rpg factor

Warfrost144d ago

There is still a lot of extrapolation and guessing here...basing an entire article off of assumptions made from leaks is gutsy. We don't know much of anything about DA4, much less what to expect from a tiny snippet of combat. I wouldn't get too worked up about anything here until we have some concrete information from Bioware. I'd would much rather have seen a competent remaster of DAO and an entire rework of DA2(keeping the original voice work and giving us actual environments that interesting to explore) over DA4.

Ultimately, we don't know much and while it's fun to discuss, it really doesn't mean anything because Bioware is giving us nothing(a mistake, imo). They'd be much better served giving us a glimpse and gathering feedback.

Crows90144d ago

As well as drastically high disappointment

shadowknight203144d ago

DA I will always be a fun time I had. Disappointed that it seems it won't be the same but improved

just_looken144d ago

I would temper the improved this as we know is the 5th revision and 3rd team at the plate on this one game.

VincentVanBro143d ago

Translation: the devs know they are less talented than previous Dragon Age devs, so they gave up before even trying.

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thorstein7d ago

Nothing can compete with Origins. Inquisition wasn't bad but the decisions I made didn't really seem to make an impact since I sided with the mages. I didn't get to wipe out the religious zealots.

It just seems they're sticking with the IP in name only.

I hope I'm wrong.

Michiel19896d ago

A lot of the talent that made Origins as great as it was, has also left at this point so yeah it will probably be Dragon Age in name only.

I hope I'm wrong as well because the franchise definitely has a lot of potential.

Psychonaut856d ago

I would say anyone who’s been paying any sort of attention for the last 5 years has extremely low expectations of this game.

JackBNimble6d ago

Well it's EA, what does anyone expect. It's probably going to MT'ed to death

Skuletor6d ago

It's EA, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a McDonald's in the game world, as part of their in-game advertisements they were considering.

Wait, I already remember seeing Burger King billboards in at least one Need for Speed on the PS2, now that I think about it.

Armaggedon6d ago

Bioware unfortunately have buckled under the weight of mismanagement and EA mandates. Apparently, EA has backed off with their live service mandates, so hopefully they had enough time to separate the live service aspect from the game. I just need Bioware to cough up one more legendary title before their run is over. However, due to the immense amount of talent they have hemorrhaged over the years, I think Inquisition was the end of the line. But hey, maybe the new Bioware will surpass the one that came before. Time will tell.

shadowknight2035d ago

Highly unlikely to hope for such a thing

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Inverno133d ago

Pretty sure Silk Song and Dragon Age are going smoothly. The other 2 can be assumed to be quietly cancelled knowing their publishers and Metroid will most likely be shown off this year.

Michiel1989132d ago

Dragon Age going smoothly??? Directors leaving, people leaving in general, terrible working conditions....not sure how you define smoothly.

VincentVanBro34d ago

lol Dragon Age development has been anything but smooth

Chocoburger133d ago

I remember in 2017 when Nintendo showed off the Metroid Prime 4 logo, and some Nintendo defenders claimed "Just because they only showed a logo, doesn't mean that's all they've worked on for the game."

As history has proven, they were wrong. Nintendo showed off a logo back in 2017 because that's literally all they had.

-Foxtrot133d ago

I think Beyond Good and Evil 2 can stay there unless they are going to just rename it to a new IP