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Starfield Fans Displeased As Paid Mods Becomes Increasingly Likely

Starfield fans believe paid mods are on the horizon after the introduction of Skyrim's new 'Bethesda Game Studios Creations'.

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Community195d ago
Terry_B196d ago

Yup..and if Microsoft is successful with it, they will use it for more games and other companies will as well. Bravo @ Xbox /Microsoft supporters. :I

Obscure_Observer196d ago

"Yup..and if Microsoft is successful with it, they will use it for more games and other companies will as well. Bravo @ Xbox /Microsoft supporters. :I"

This is Bethesda´s decision, genius. MS has nothing to do with it.

Besides, mods don´t deserve to get paid for their work?

When its Sony feeding you a remaster from a three years old game and charge you 10 dollars for an upgrade, its all fair and just, because the developers deserves to be paid for their work.

I see, the goalposts has been moved yet again. Bethesda bad, Naughty Dog good.

Gotta love that sweet hypocrisy.

just_looken195d ago

I like its always about that $10 upgrade but not the msrp at $70 also they have both listed last i checked so one wrong click you can get the wrong version.

Heaven forbid sony lowered there digital msrp prices years later on games but that would be for the gamers this sony 2018+ is for the suit's.

EvertonFC195d ago

We don't mind paying £10 for an remaster upgrade pmsl, Dev and employees need paying you know, it's not free to create/make a remaster you dummy.
I take you wouldn't charge anything then lay off all you're employees who are out of work cause your studio went bust.

badz149195d ago

are you seriously defending paid mods right now? are you dumb?!

Terry_B195d ago

oof. I would reply to that comment if it was from someone else. But you are just a lost case.

Vengeance1138195d ago

Ohhhh boy, defending paid mods are we? Yikes! Another new low for Obscure.

S2Killinit195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

MS’s Gaas-focus is how they want to pay for the acquisition they paid 70 BILLION for.

Now xbox gamers have to foot the bill yall.

Obscure_Observer195d ago


"I take you wouldn't charge anything then lay off all you're employees who are out of work cause your studio went bust."


Nowadays, Naughty Dog is nothing but a lazy dev studio! Since they got absolutely nothing for the current generation, they gonna release a freak remaster before Factions 2, which was supposed to be TLOU 2´s MP!

Now trapped into development hell, they chose the easy route release and this crap to cash in!

Many independent third party developers like CDPR delivered next gen upgrades for free! For all platforms! Nobody got fired. Nobody!

Sony is the one company pushing for this scam! For all of its first party games!

So spare me from your lying narrative that ND (or any PS studio) is at risk and gone bankrupt in case they don´t nickel-and-diming you to hell. You´re fooling not other but yourself.

195d ago
dumahim195d ago

"Besides, mods don´t deserve to get paid for their work?"

A mod is a set of files. How would one pay some files? You mean the people who create those mods? Sure, they can get paid if they want. See the guy who did one of the DLSS mods. Bethesda now wants to step in and collect the money themselves and give the creator a cut.

The rest of your comment is a sad attempt at a Strawman argument that doesn't even make sense.

Christopher195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

***This is Bethesda´s decision, genius. MS has nothing to do with it. ***

When are they going to announce that Bethesda bought Microsoft?

***I see, the goalposts has been moved yet again. Bethesda bad, Naughty Dog good. ***

You're not the one that should make this argument.

Mr_cheese195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

It's interesting that you call Naughty Dog a lazy developer when you know little to nothing about the projects they're working on that aren't announced.

So it's okay for Bethesda to re-release skyrim across 3 generations and take their sweet time delivering their next title.

It's okay for rockstar games to release across 3 generations and take their sweet time on the next installment.

It's not lazy, it's quiet work until they're ready to show

MrBaskerville195d ago

Maybe people are ok with the 10$ because they get a lot more than just visual upgrades? It's almost as if you pay for the dlc and get the remaster as a bonus

shinoff2183195d ago

Just looken,I think Nintendo is the company you should have issue with. Their first party games never drop in price. You can find Sony first party titles on sale all the time. Same as ms. Nintendo is the only one who don't drop the prices

recoctimocassirnff195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

This is ms's decision, genius. Bethesda has nothing to do with it. If ms wanted to fire the entire staff of beth they could.

And thanks to people like you supporting these acquisitions, ms has to recoup their investment, so paid mods will most definitely be a thing.

Obscure, don't you ever get tired of being completely wrong? I mean, you're not just a little wrong, you are the complete opposite of the truth is almost every single one of your posts.

Angyobangyo194d ago

No hypocrisy. You didn't even more the goalposts, you completely switched them. You tried turning into a Sony thing and said, look what they're doing, so leave Xbox-kun alone! FYI, I don't agree with remastering titles that are 3 years old or charging extra to upgrade, and think many don't asv well. The topic is about the Creation Club, which was met with the backlash from the actual modding community in 2015 to which it was binned within a week. But somehow Bethesda felt it would be a good time to drag back that corpse.

jjb1981194d ago

This is a completely stupid comparison. Mods have been unpaid for years with an option to support them. They are taking money for other modder's work and calling it their own. There is a huge difference . A remaster and mods are not even the same you dolt.

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just_looken195d ago

This system was in fallout 4 then skyrim well before ms showed up.

Now destiny being purchased by sony then sony raising cost of everything followed by worse content along with there continued support for there overpriced ps5 along with the ps portal that requires a psn account to use that is a bad trend.

Paid mods is only good by donation i would not mind tossing a buck whatever i can some mods having amazing about of work done on them but $10-$30 not thank you.

Zeref195d ago

You're mad at them for letting their creators, who put their blood sweat and tears in these mods make money from them?

Andrew336195d ago

Yes. Because anything related to MS is bad on this trash site.

Christopher195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Mad that Bethesda will get a cut from the work of modders. This isn't about paying modders, it's about another revenue stream from them doing absolutely nothing but integrating a credit card reader into it.

If you want the makers of mods to get paid, go to Nexus and donate to them. The system already exists.

Zeref195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

So this is a whole bunch of nothing then?
If the creators don't like it they can still use Nexus Mods.

Christopher195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

*** If the creators don't like it they can still use Nexus Mods. ***

The issue here is if they block modders that aren't on their system, which is likely what's to happen when they see another revenue stream.

See: Starfield has no official mod support and is planned for 2024... right after this news that Skyrim mods are getting paid integration and Bethesda gets a cut of it.

*** So this is a whole bunch of nothing then? ***

Then why is Bethesda putting so much effort into it? It's not nothing, that's the point. You're not thinking that this is a benevolent act of Bethesda are you? Why? They're a company. They're about profits. Why would you think that? Stop it.

Zeref195d ago (Edited 195d ago )


They're not removing support for Nexus Mods. Therefore your whole argument is moot.
You're just making stuff up to be mad about.

Christopher195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

***They're not removing support for Nexus Mods. Therefore your whole argument is moot. ***

There literally isn't full mod support right now.

I'm making things up? Read a history book.

"The previous attempt to launch paid mods was disastrous because many modders operate on the assumption that they're participating in a gift economy, devoting their time for free to create something for others to enjoy with the understanding that everyone else is doing the same. This is a social contract, one that is instantly broken if someone chooses to sell their work. Similar controversies arise in fan fiction communities when an author finds a publishing deal and their work is suddenly yoinked from fic repository AO3 over night.

It's worse in gaming communities, too, because mods are often technically dependent on the work of other mods. If one creator pulls their previously free work to place it behind a paywall, a lot of other mods can be rendered unplayable. It also substantially disincentivises generosity within the community so that shared resources designed for other modders to build upon - such as SKSE, but also texture packs and so on - become less common."

isarai195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

There's already a way to pay them via donations through their mod profile on mod DB or Nexus. Bethesda doesn't deserve to make money off of other people's blood sweat and tears in these mods.


A lot of mod creators are against this. The Skyrim update basically broke a bunch of mods. Monetizing mods isn't good because a lot of mods use other peoples work. This will only be good for a few modders (MS or BGS certified) but will hurt the mod community. You'll be paying for the most basic mods like weapons or player houses. I think they were charging $6 for the gun and $7 for a player home. That's not gonna work when people run hundreds of mods with skyrim, and mods like TES Apotheosis or Fallout London won't be possible because Microsoft won't let them put mods up like that for free(for console). If they mess up the next Elder Scrolls, they are done

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neutralgamer1992195d ago

would we all be talking about this game if it wasn't an xbox exclusive? what i mean is i bought a XSX for this game and no doubt it didn't live up for me. So if this game was available on all platforms there wouldn't be many defending this game because its MID. but that's the reality where neither playstation nor xbox fans will ever admit their platform has issues or if an exclusive is average

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Luc20196d ago

Mods on nexusmods are work of passion and you can donate to the creator if you want to. This 'great' new idea is to put mods behind a paywall where they creators get a small % in royalties. I doubt PC community will support this when there are free alternatives ( didn't MS try to charge for GFWL?). As for consoles .. there won't be free options.

just_looken195d ago

That is correct games like gtaiv needed a xbox account for GFWL that needed xbox gold to play online it died quick. But this idea about mods was on fallout 4 skyrim for consoles it was successful there.