Cyberpunk 2077 VR Quest 3, is this still the best VR game?

CG writes: We take a more critical look at the LukeRoss VR mod with Cyberpunk 2077 using our top-end PC and Quest 3. The aim here is to determine whether the game still holds the crown as the best VR game to-date, despite not offering motion controls (you can view our original article here). Many people believe that if a game does not offer motion controls, then it’s not proper VR. We totally disagree with this stance, considering the many months of VR enjoyment using the original Oculus Rift, before the Touch controllers became a thing.

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shinoff2183100d ago

That'd be pretty dope if this was on psvr2

bunt-custardly100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Yeh there must be a way for this somehow. Or at least someone has to think of a way. Much in the way modders are trying to get PSVR 2 working on PC.

bunt-custardly99d ago

To interject here on my own submission and in agreement with the author because some people just don't get it. I had a blast playing RE 7 on Playstation VR 1 with gamepad and shit myself. Was a genuinely harrowing experience for me until you get overloaded with weapons and ammo.

jznrpg94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Different types of games to start off.
Even if a game is considered the best ever people aren’t going to stick to one game forever because it’s the best. Being the best is subjective as well.


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purple10134d ago

Yes but, Was thinking more along the lines of ride a bike, go swimming, go to gym, read more books?

Stanjara33d ago

It's over. I don't want to invest into physical, only to have next console without a disc drive.
Also Best Buy 2024.

FinalFantasyFanatic33d ago

These are all very good suggestions, I don't even know which one to prioritise, but everyone should be doing all of these things, then maybe the hobby will recover somewhat. I don't want to keep going down the path it's been going down lately.

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HyperMoused33d ago

Im 100% against subs, and couldnt agree more that peopel shouldnt do it, people love them though, you will own nothing and be happy