Starfield has fewer players on Steam than Skyrim

PCgamesn writes, "The Starfield Steam player count has dropped below that of Elder Scrolls Skyrim, just two months after the new Bethesda RPG first launched."

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TheEnigma313248d ago

Probably because most are playing it on GP. No reason to buy it full price when you can get it cheaper.

Crows90247d ago

But I thought that the claim was it sold well? If it barely sold on Xbox because of Gamepass then most sales would be on steam no? And it that's the case and there's very few players active...that doesn't bode well for something people would play for years

Profchaos247d ago

Anecdotally I know quite a few people who were obsessed at launch but they're interest fizzled out around two weeks and then dropped it completely around CP phantom libertys launch.

Seems that was a trend as the last month has been wall to wall releases if imagine most people moved on

EvertonFC247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

The truth is, the game was average to good at best, nothing to set the world on fire and when all said and done it'll probably sell about 4m across Xbox and PC which ain't great but the bigger problem for MS is that it didn't increase GP numbers.
Most GP casuals probably never played more than a few hours etc.

StarkR3ality247d ago


Exactly what I did, played it, beat it within like 60 hours, initially enjoyed it, and then replaying Cyberpunk made me realise how many elements of the game were below par.

itsmebryan247d ago

How does this change the number of games already sold 9n steam and everywhere else? The people that bought the game could has finished. I for one don't continue to play games after 8 complete them. Numbers may change as new content comes out.
Do you feel a month and a half is not long enough to finish a game?

mkis007247d ago


This was supposed to be a new skyrim. A game that has unlimited replay value for 10 years.

Juancho51246d ago

It’s a trash game. Only popular because there was nothing else to play on that console.

Lightning77246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Do you expect the game to have 100, 000 players every month? You realize Skyrim has wealth of content and more mods and has been around for 12 years vs 2 months you also expect pplto ng+ 100 times also? Whenever the new Expansion drops the player count will go up that's how it all works. Plus they plan on sticking with it for 5 years this is only the beginning.

Congrats fail submission post. Next up let's post Exo Primals player count next, Mortal Kombat player counts.

Your little immature hate parade for this game is chilling you need to see a doctor bro.

babadivad246d ago

It did sell well. Doesn't mean people will keep playing it though. Both can be true.

Crows90246d ago

So I guess all these millions of players are hardcore gamers spending 10+ hours every day and finishing up the game quick. Doing all the content etc,...yeah right. Its a boring mess and most likely dropped it soon after starting it up.

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StormSnooper247d ago

It says it dropped below skyrim two months after release.

Armaggedon247d ago

To be fair, Cyberpunk doodoos on Starfield when it comes to presentation and character builds and progression.But Starfield has its merits that have value.

StarkR3ality247d ago

Thank you! First person I've seen on here take a measured approach to Starfield other than me, it's disappointing but still can be a good time if you're into those games.

DivineHand125247d ago

I doubt it. Starfield doesn't seem like a game people will go back to like Skyrim. Skyrim is also on game pass for new comers.

GhostScholar246d ago

I agree. As much hate as this game gets I’m still playing it. Maybe like I’ve said it’s just a game made for me. I’ve had a blast with it, and I think it’s Bethesdas best narrative. It’s fallout in space which is a dream game for me. Im sorry for the people who don’t enjoy it, but I’m not gonna blast a game I have 250 hours in.

Zeref243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

The hate boner people have for this game (even before release) is actually disgusting.

These people aren't gamers.

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247d ago
boing1247d ago

There are simply better games to play currently.

Armaggedon247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Better is subjective. Starfield s***s on other games in certain aspects, and vice versa.

BehindTheRows247d ago

What games does Starfield "s**t" on?

ziggyzinfirion247d ago


The amount of loading screens.

Armaggedon247d ago

I said it s***s on other games in certain aspects. Games have “strengths and weaknesses” of course.

Armaggedon247d ago


All of them items and objects need to load and be instanced bruv.

BehindTheRows247d ago

What aspects? From what I played, it did nothing better than other games and certainly didn't do anything substantially better. So, my curiosity remains.

Armaggedon247d ago

Let me specify: Starfield has crafting and Elden ring has crafting. This is to highlight that games have their own perks that give them value, and its not always as simple as game A is better than game B.

VivaChe247d ago

Oh god is the phrase "it s***s on..." becoming a thing now?

Crows90247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Critically better games.

But you've stated it very nicely. Starfields shits a lot