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XBA says: Cinematic immersion that sets the bar for what 'next-gen' really means.

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Cockney32d ago

Oh wow 100/100 the perfect game i can't wait, I do love me some intricate enjoyable and challenging combat, I hope its a decent length too, if it is its my game of the year for sure

CrimsonWing6932d ago

You may want to sit down for this…

Cockney32d ago

Is anybody getting the irony in my comments?
I feel like I'm wasting my time

crazyCoconuts32d ago

Not long enough to warrant sitting down

VenomUK32d ago

@Cockney are you British?! Most of our N4G brethren are US readers and they ‘don’t do’ irony - God knows I’ve tried. You have to add a winky face or /s else it doesn’t register. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people, it’s just that they are like the android Data in Star Trek:TNG who tried so hard to understand the human jokes but couldn’t quite laugh.

jwillj2k432d ago

Between this, Zelda and GoW game of the decade.


SonyStyled32d ago

You’re being sarcastic and maybe that’s missed.

Few games are masterful 10/10 but this reviewer in his opinion has found no flaws and the game meets his expectation. A minor flaw would reasonably put a game at a 9/10. I hope this isn’t the authors expectation of a masterful game going forward. The Order 1886 received similar praise for visuals, and a lot of heat for length of the game, and lack of overall action sequences… the walking sim. I’m glad 1886 didn’t meet the expectations for what it offered or it would be the 10/10 standard critically

Psychonaut8532d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It’s N4G, with the amount of fanboys here on both sides, it’s best to put /s after your post if you’re being sarcastic, cuz we have seen things as ridiculous as what you said where the person was an Xbot/SonyPony and was dead serious.

shinoff218332d ago

Never knew that about the /s

Is that universal?

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S2Killinit32d ago

Xboxhub 10/10
XboxAddict 10/10

I’m sold.

Hereandthere32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Xbox shill sites are keeping this average game from not having a bad metacritic score yet again.

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Lightning7732d ago

I agree but PS sites do the same.

Moegooner32d ago

They don't to, because PS exclusives actually score well all across the board.

MrNinosan32d ago

Let me know which "PS sites" gave high score to Destruction All-Stars, the one pretty bad exclsuive we did have.
Even Forspoken got low score from "PS sites" even thou that's actually a good game.

InUrFoxHole32d ago

💯 sony gets the same treatment. Just find a reviewer that is your style and game on. I'm 1.5 hrs in and loving it

S2Killinit31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Not really. Certainly not like what we see with xbox sites giving 10s to this.

If hellblade is 10/10, I wonder what xboxhub would give Ocarina of Time if it was a xbox game.

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Lightning7732d ago

@gooner So has this game. My bad the good scores are shill sites right? Any positive surrounding the game is shilling. If we're going off fanboy logic.

You realize this game scored the same as Stellar Blade. Yet that game was celebrated even I celebrated it because I played it. 81 score is great yet a 81 score for HB2 is bad... Some how.... Make it make sense.

Kekewei32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

And oddly enough, though playstation is more popular than xbox everywhere, they have far fewer ps dedicated websites. I just counted on mc, there are only 4 playstation sites out of 130 reviews on "Stellar Blade", while for "Hellblade" there are 11 xbox sites out of 84 reviews.

Hypertension14032d ago


Weren't you the one that said Stellar Blade looks like ass?

Fanboyism is one hell of a drug.

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ravens5232d ago

It's BS. The perfect scores are definitely bs. An 8... Ok, but 9+ I call bullshit.

Tacoboto32d ago

Opinions are only BS when you disagree so much with a score (on a game you haven't played) that it upsets you.

The first game was a 10/10 for me, one of only a few games I've sat through in one session, with headphones, really sinking into the experience.

The tone of this game seems to be that, but with higher fidelity - exactly what I want and reasonably expected of a sequel to Senua's Sacrifice. Won't have a chance to play and see for myself though until I beat Stellar Blade tonight or tomorrow (which I feel has far exceeded most critical reviews too, it may just be a 10 for me)

The Wood32d ago

I think the concept of bias doesn't exist in your world

Lightning7732d ago

It's just the usual Sony fanboys wanting this game to be bad that's all it is. Nothing less, nothing more.

Tacoboto32d ago

@The Wood

No, bias very clearly exists.

I've responded to two comments now in this thread full of it.


This game is not 100/100 😂 can't do 30fps can't do 1080p and the fighting is lame as hell

attilayavuzer32d ago

- sent from my Xperia