Starfield is still broken despite major 25 GB update

Bethesda has just released the latest update for Starfield and players have discovered that the game is still incredibly broken.

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The-VG-shamman4d ago

It will never be running as expected, because these fixes are mostly for the compensation of the series s lol. The games legit compromised Already.

Monkeycan84d ago

Which is why I am waiting for the PS5 version.

JEECE4d ago

There will probably be a PS5 version announced within the next year, but don't expect it to magically fix all the games underlying problems.

Rockstar4d ago

...This is Bethesda we're talking about

Monkeycan83d ago

Nah it wont fix the problems but it will be better and have more content.

Tacoboto4d ago

Gotta hand it to Bethesda.

One way to avoid laying off QA staff is to just not have any at all!

Goosejuice4d ago

Why have QA when modders fix ur game for u

Flakegriffin4d ago

Didn’t the modding community give up on Starfield shortly after launch?

Goosejuice4d ago

I really tried to get into this game as I love Bethesda games. Put 40 hours into and even bought the 100$ edition...but this game just isn't good. It's an ok title at best. Dosnt have any of the charm that elder scrolls or fallout has. It's incredible how bland this game is despite having the opportunity to create a whole new universe..literally, and they give us this mostly human universe with the same things to do over n over just on a different named planet.

They had such a huge opportunity to give us this incredible universe akin to star wars and instead made it bland af. It saddens me a bit cuz I truly tried, and i love Bethesda open worlds. Maybe shattered sky's helps? Idk. To me the core of the game is just not good. The only thing I truly liked was the ship building.

shinoff21834d ago

This is about where I'm at. They never built onto it within the game. The lore sucked. Where as elder scrolls and fallout you find notes, books, and computers to read and what not. It adds to the game tremendously as far as lore. It couldn't immerse me like the the other 2 series. Maps and exploration lacked. Those are my only issues with the game. Unfortunately I don't think they will ever give a fk about the lore.

Profchaos4d ago

Credit to you I couldn't stomach any more forced tutorials and menus 4 hours in.

I hit another guided tutorial after 4 hours playing Its simply bad game design

Kurt Russell4d ago

I put in 110 hours, it had some addictive Bethesda qualities that kept me chipping away... even though, you're absolutely correct. It is a really bland title and in my opinion completely lacked that sense of discovery and exploration by taking the hub world route.

HansyJ3d ago

I can never understand somebody saying I put 100 hours into something and I thought it was bland and didn’t like it lol 100 hours. Some people haven’t even spent 100 hours in the gym in their life.

anast3d ago

"Go to the gym because you spent 100 hrs doing something you kind of enjoy."

This is a bizarre take.

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