Phil Spencer: "Nintendo Is The Prime Asset for Us in Gaming"

Phil Spencer, in a released email, stated that Nintendo is the prize Microsoft wants to claim in the industry.

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italiangamer12d ago

Nintendo already laughed in your face back in the day, you slimy lying snake.
Cancer of gaming = microsoft

dRanzer12d ago

Competition is good for industry. for any industry.
What Phill is doing is simply a disaster for the gaming industry
It's already starting to disgust us all

Eonjay12d ago

I am utterly blown away that people are just now realizing that Microsoft is trying to monopolize the entire game industry. I have never seen a group of people more mesmerized by PR.
Sure there is an entire toxic fanbase hellbent on the destruction of the PlayStation but I expected common sense and critical thinking to win the day. I was wrong.

crazyCoconuts12d ago

People should know based on MS's actions and shouldn't need internal emails.
But now, even the naive should see. Read the email in the article - it's clear. The only way for MS to stay relevant in the consumer space is gaming, so they'll keep buying until someone stops them.
I hate seeing Valve in that email, but of course it's never been off the table.

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

Nintendo and Valve have their own set of problems/downsides, but I never want to see Microsoft acquire either of them, especially when you see the Xbox division's output. I would hope regulators would step in and prevent such a massive acquisition, at least Nintendo being a Japanese company would make it hard for Microsoft to buy them.

outsider162412d ago

Inb4 one particular MS fanboy here praise MS and says this is the best acquisition ever and will dominate the gaming console market.

peppeaccardo12d ago

The unwritten rules of life:
1) Do not go in bed with your best friend's girlfriend
2) Do not drink cappuccino after 1pm
3) Do not buy Nintendo
I guess Phils was already done with the first two.

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neutralgamer199212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Please don’t say that because to some Phil is the ultimate nice guy savior of Xbox brand. To most level headed people with common sense he is a two faced lying snake. He was mad at Sony for signing marketing deals and timed exclusive content, he spoke of giving more gamers the opportunity to play and not taking established games away from other platforms. Yet here we are. He was so scared that Sony may make a timed exclusive deal for starfield that he bought the whole publisher

Nintendo can’t be bought yes CAN’T even with MS resources. They will laugh at them again. American companies can chase the quick buck but Japanese companies are really different

Square enix
WB games
Koie techmo

And whatever else embracer will try to sell

By the end of this generation none of these will be independent. Now it’s only a matter of who buys them. MS wants all the content on the GP and just charge $24.99 for basic 30 days after release membership and $29.99 for premium day one games membership

Buy Xbox fanboys is in full force praising Phil every time

Profchaos12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

He's not the Messiah he's a very naughty boy. Old reference that'll probably go over most heads

But well said

bunt-custardly12d ago

@Profchaos, "The Life of Phil".

Rhythmattic11d ago

Always game on the Bright Side of life.

Number1TailzFan12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Yeah IF they managed to own them. Looks like they are after Valve too, I mean Gabe is rich with Steam.. There's no way they'll allow themselves to be taken by MS surely?

On the plus side it would mean you'd get Nintendo games on a more powerful console & PC as well.. so that's kind of a win, but Nintendo are doing their own thing and are greedy in their own way. They're all greedy. Just some are not as bad as the others.

On second thought I wouldn't want MS turning Steam into a paid service.

JusttJD009912d ago

Gabe hates Microsoft with a capital H.
Never gonna happen.

Notellin12d ago

He's 60 years old and been morbidly obese for the majority of his life. He won't be around forever and I fear when that day comes.

crazyCoconuts12d ago

Unlimited money has no limits. Gabe won't be there to play hardball forever

VenomUK12d ago

@JusttJD0099 Can Microsoft afford to drop $200 Billion to own Nintendo, its IP, and dominate gaming and collect all the revenue?

Yes it can.

People who were cheering the ABK as great for Xbox didn’t see the big picture, that it was a harbinger of Microsoft’s plan to use its Big Tech wealth to consolidate all that is good an holy into its arms. Is that really going to serve the gaming industry and fans best?

VincentVanBro12d ago

Patently untrue. He is an ex-Microsoft employee. He bashed the Ps3 as inferior and wouldn't even develop the Ps3 version of Orange Box internally, handing it off to EA. When pressed on television news he said he would buy the Series X over the Ps5. Now, I would absolutely DREAD the day that Steam is owned by MS, but Gabe doesn't hate Microsoft.

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crazyCoconuts12d ago

One of the biggest problems with MS is they are horrible at making amazing products. Time and time again they buy or copy and the result ranges from mediocre to not good. They're the yin to Apple and Disney's yang.
There's almost no chance they would take something great like Nintendo and make it better. They don't have the first clue on how these companies make great products in the first place. I'm not sure they actually care at this point.

CrashMania12d ago

So much for being pro competition.

phoenixwing12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

It was all for pr they would take everyone's life savings if it were legal or they could get away with it

DeusFever12d ago

Microsoft’s business was built on destroying competition.

Aloymetal12d ago

Stealing ideas and destroying yup 100%. This is why I've never supported/ bought any MS gaming console and never will.

repsahj12d ago

Don't know why fans still keep believing on their sht.

Jin_Sakai12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

“Microsoft even considered some hostile ways of getting Nintendo. Also trying to get valve”

Jesus! Trying to destroying the games industry one piece at a time.

-Foxtrot12d ago

Yeah people aren’t seeing this and letting fanboyism get in the way

There was already that leaked email when they talked about basically outbuying Sony as a way to win. They turned around and said it was part of old plans that never came to light yet they’ve bought Zenixmax and recently Activision

Ohhhh it’s happening…

senorfartcushion12d ago

Well no, N4G is absolutely more on the Sony side of things.

LucasRuinedChildhood12d ago

Are some people finally going to admit that this is a problem?

MrDead12d ago

I think it could be too late. MS has been given the green light to buy up the industry, they spend money on the right people to avoid consumer protections. When a company has as much money to buy favour as MS does there is very little that can be done... I hope I'm wrong about this.

Charlieboy33311d ago

They blew their load with Activision. After that and Zenimax they will have an extrememly hard time trying to buy up yet ANOTHER big publisher......they will no longer be able to deny their true aim and the regulatory bodies will have no choice but to agree that MS is trying to consolidate the gaming industry and put a stop to it.

crazyCoconuts12d ago

I'm guessing it's hard for some people to see past their team "winning". Like, they've been down for the first 3 quarters and now they're coming back! I can understand that emotion.
But they'd have to at least had some education on economics and how monopolistic behavior breaks capitalism to understand that this goes beyond two teams playing a game... it's like... breaking football. But if they've never taken econ how would they know?