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Eurogamer's review of Starfield, a game of typical Bethesda aptitude but without the magic that binds it all together.

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Jin_Sakai258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Agreed. Can’t fly to a planet freely without a cutscene, can’t fly to space freely without a cutscene, no land vehicles, and 1km land barriers. Also no real map for exploring a city.

bababooiy258d ago

Dont forget how most things are marked to let you know what to expect, killing any sense of surprise. Turning much of what used to make Bethesda games stand out now into one of its weakest features.

Sonic1881258d ago

Everything you just mentioned, you can do in No Man Sky and that was developed by 15 people. Maybe Bethesda wasn't finished with the game development 🤔

Jin_Sakai258d ago

That and the fact the Creation engine is garbage.

solideagle258d ago

are starfield planets also procedurally generated?

Lightning77258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

No. Todd mentioned it back in June you can't go from planet to planet. So why is this a surprise?

Moans and groans for absolutely no eeason at this point. Shouting in the wind.

shinoff2183258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I've said that since about 24 hours in. It just doesn't feel finished, from the lack of lore in computers and notes, to no maps. It doesn't feel done or they skimped. I still enjoy it and it's fun but it feels like it's missing something

Lightning just cause he said it doesn't mean it not allowed to be talked about in reviews or commentators comments.

astro_bs-as258d ago

Try it If you can on VR.... It's quite an experience!
Talking about NMS, of course

Andy_Dee257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

I'm still gonna defend Starfield here!

Many mentions NMS and they have no clue that it came on release broken AF.

It has taken them about, might be wrong here 4+ years to get it to where it is now... And people right away after Starfield release are coming out NMS can do this and Starfield cannot..

Well peddle back 4+ years and we'll have another story. We can let modders or Bethesda work on it for 4 years and we can check back then.

Also, Starfield is not a simulator, it's an RPG it's what Bethesda has always done. And IMO it is almost a reskinned Fallout 4 both in good and bad.

However I wish it would be more of an simulator. I hoped it would've been the game to take Star Citizens place while we are waiting for it..

Also, even if I wish they would've had a stronger engine with higher fidelity, I have learned to appreciate Creation Engine 2 in the sense that it seems to be very easy to work in and for the modders.

If they would switch engine it might've been harder in many ways to develop this game and the tools for modders. At least you can use ladders now hahaha. Insane that Creation Engine wan't able to use ladders..

But Starfield is still a beautiful game I have played it on Ultra settings on PC with 92+ fps and it was a blast overall. Story is pretty good with some nice twists. Bethesda has done well here IMO.

I went to about 52 planets. Didn't even get to 100. And the barriers is a non issue, ppl seem to want to find issues in this as well. Why would you want to walk around for couple of hours just to be able to go around the whole planet!?

I don't like regions per se but it works really fast to switch region on the planet and I have found many mysteries, secrets and hidden things without feeling oh no, can't walk further. I haven't even reached a barrier while looking for things and exploring.

I love finding hidden pirate bases, secret ships, legendary items, weapons etc.

Building ships is also a blast, you can do A LOT!

It might not be a game for all but def for some others.

I think this game promised a bit too much but overall it is a great 8/10 game.

I honestly have more fun in this than NMS but that's just me, I like RPG with exploration more than just exploration without objectives and story compared to NMS.

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Lightning77258d ago


You're regurgitating old news. That was confirmed months ago ppl didn't seem to have a serious issue with it. Plus you even said you're fine with it. Flip flop inconsistent much?

lucian229258d ago

stop making excuses for poor game design

mkis007258d ago

It turns out it is important. Especially because of the loading screens.

SlothLordPootus258d ago

Just because something was said months ago doesnt mean it makes the game any better. Just means they were setting expectations.

Viljong257d ago

What "1km land barriers" you are lying without playing the game. I usually travel several kilometes to discover structures, natural locations and abandonded mines-huge dungeon caves full of action.

rippermcrip257d ago

The 1km isn't true, but there is a limit. Land and go in a straight line and you will hig a barrier.

Land right next to New Atlantis for example. You can see it. Then head towards it. You can't walk into it.

It is fake terrible exploration.

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Plague-Doctor27258d ago

Really curious to know the reason they withheld review codes from these UK outlets. Gives lots of people reasons to discount the reviews as being biased since they're just "getting back" at Bethesda.

ravens52258d ago

Couldn't pay everyone for 10/10s and 5/5s. Jk... or not, who knows.

porkChop258d ago

It was only UK outlets, right? Doesn't really come across as cherry picking. I'm curious what the reason behind it is. I know they have the acquisition going on in the UK but I don't know how that would affect reviews.

dumahim258d ago

I think one of the big ones that kept getting mentioned as well was Australian.

porkChop258d ago

Australian? Are you sure? I'm asking because I'm looking at a bunch of reports right now and they all say it's exclusively UK-based outlets. Even Pure Xbox didn't get a code on time. Which one was Australian?

RauLeCreuset258d ago

It seems the argument you're trying to make is that review codes not being sent to certain outlets could not be an attempt to influence the Meta score if the codes were withheld from an entire region. Manipulation can be done this way. The manipulator would base which regions to include and exclude based on their predictions of how the reviews from the regions will impact the score. Those predictions could be based historical record (prior reviews) and some knowledge of the weight Meta assigns to certain reviewers.

Not for nothing, this score from another excluded outlet brought the Meta down to 83.

dumahim258d ago

Yes, SkillUp didn't get one either.

Skate-AK257d ago

I know Skill Up said he didn't get a code. He's in Australia. That's all I know about.

porkChop257d ago

Ah, SkillUp didn't get one? That's surprising. He usually puts out some very comprehensive reviews. Not quite as good as ACG but I do like to see what he thinks of a game. I guess because he's a YouTuber sites just don't count him because he isn't technically an outlet. Weird either way.

Because it doesn't make any sense. Why would one specific region be blocked? I've never gotten the impression that UK outlets are historically any harsher when it comes to reviews. If that were the case why hasn't it happened before? We've seen specific outlets not be given codes, but an entire region? It makes no sense.

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ChasterMies258d ago

Microsoft does their own internal reviews. They knew this game would be about a 7/10 overall. So they juiced the score at launch by cherry picking reviewers that would give them higher scores. Movies studios do the same thing with Rotten Tomatoes.

repsahj258d ago

Because they know that critics will see the obvious flaws.

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anast258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Todd said that we could freely fly around the universe with a 1000 planets to explore. The meta is 84 now.

repsahj258d ago

Maybe he ment by "freely" is "without exploration needed".