It Took 20 Hours, But I Finally Started Liking Starfield

Starfield didn’t start off on the right foot for GL staff writer Shaz Mohsin. But 20 hours later, and he can’t seem to stop playing Bethesda’s new RPG.

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Community255d ago
Jin_Sakai255d ago

A good game doesn’t take 20 hours to enjoy it. That would be called a mediocre game.

Andrew336255d ago Show
Crows90255d ago Show
PhillyDonJawn255d ago

It's the size and scope of the game. The first 10 hours is just experiencing the basics of everything.

goldwyncq255d ago

FFXIV takes playing through the entire base game before it starts getting good.

neutralgamer1992255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

Why do you feel the need to tell us that? I guess good for you that it only took 20 hours


It depends man. We all like different things. This game isn’t a 9/10 but it’s also not a 5/10. It’s a good foundation that Bethesda can build from if they choose to ( I have my doubts about Bethesda since they barely fix their games with patches)

I feel like for me this is a game that I want to wait a while before playing. There are some major changes that are needed and I hope Bethesda works to fix those quickly. Just watching a lot of coverage these are some things I feel like Bethesda should focus on short term and long term wise

1- The options menu need overhaul. It’s kind of funny MS can’t get their UI right on Xbox and now Bethesda can’t get it right on starfield

2- please add some more hand crafted side content and less of AI generated quests

3- possibly unlock 60FPS on XSX

4- more freedom during exploration and instead of cut scenes let us fly and land our ships

Armaggedon255d ago

Some things take time. Its a big game.

wiz7191255d ago

@Jin I mean it’s a RPG , like any RPG the beginning is always a drag lol it’s once you develop your character and get access to more equipment does combat start to really open up more

KillBill255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

@Crows90 & @Jin_Sakai

You are missing the point. A huge difference between someone hating on the game and being on every post and someone that enjoys the game and being on every post. If you don't know the difference then you might be one of the problems here on N4G?

PapaBop255d ago

FF14 took about 40-50 hours in before it goes from being a decent game to one of the best FF games. I don't get the whole complaints on the early game in Starfield though. Maybe it depends on the route players go, I choose to go the Vanguard mission route as soon as it unlocked which was like 2 hours in and the story from them and distinctive Alien vibe I got from it carried me through the early game while I was learning the systems.

Reaper22_255d ago

You mad? Is it still burning? Don't worry that pain will subside sooner or later.

GamerRN254d ago

A good game takes a while to like when you have the wrong idea if what is supposed to be.

Took me a day or two to realize it's not a shooter, not NMS. It's Space Fallout.

fr0sty254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

A great RPG gets better with time... but it doesn't start off as crap. It starts off good, and ends up fantastic. This starts off crap, and ends up good.

Rude-ro254d ago

The topic is called “push impulse purchases” by continue to fluff the reality.
Not knocking those that love chore/loading screen games… but there is literally nothing to this game besides listening to lore, doing chores for monetary earnings, and crafting things.
Xbox fans made fun of death stranding… but that game evolved in two hours more than the entirety of starfield.

Tapani254d ago

Yeah that is 20hrs too long for me. And I'm patient.

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Jin_Sakai255d ago ShowReplies(7)
Abnor_Mal255d ago

I remember a time when people were upset with a game called Days Gone because it took less than twenty hours to really get into.

*Eats a Pepperidge Farms cookie*

BrainSyphoned255d ago

And Days Gone reviews correctly reflected its issues. Where as Starfield's shill/fanboy reviews ignore everything.

DarkZane255d ago

For some reasons, Bethesda games always get a pass even though they're the most buggiest games and the most broken games, yet Days Gone which weren't nearly as bad got shit on.

It's why the Bethesda fanbase is by far the worst. Bethesda keep giving them shit, yet they keep eating it with a smile and they ask for more.

Jin_Sakai255d ago

Days Gone wasn’t without issues and quirks but it was an amazing looking game and enjoyable most of the time.

Crows90255d ago

Well I'd say it was entirely unfairly reviewed. So is starfield.

Days gone minor issues were exaggerated. Starfields huge issues are swept aside.

SyntheticForm255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

Days Gone had an awful launch with character dialogue either non-audible or completely out of sync with the animation. Pure and utter game-crippling jank all around. That aside it was a pretty nice game with great visuals. The hordes were a ball and using the environment and your arsenal to take them down was a lot of fun, as was scavenging, sneaking around, and taking care of your bike. The bike was also fun to use.

Unfortunately the game received a load of unfair criticism due to the protagonist, Deacon, being a "gruff biker dude" (oh the horror) and the game just wasn't woke enough to make these lefty "journalists" happy.

crazyCoconuts255d ago

Hey, since we're on Day's Gone, do you think if you watched some PS4 Pro Day's Gone gameplay from years ago and looked at gameplay, character models, animation, dialog, and compared it to Starfield on XSX today, which would win?

badz149255d ago (Edited 255d ago )


Graphically, Days Gone looks better in almost evey way. And don't even start comparing the character models and animation. Compared to Days Gone, Bethesda's devs should be sent back to school or retire altogether! They clearly are too stubborn to leave the old days and move on with new tech. Starfield looks too dated out of the gate. I think everybody would agree that that archaic engine needs to go!

EvertonFC255d ago

Exactly, I knocked off 2 points for starfield for poor enemy AI, map design, no city map, constant load screens, inventory management.
So a good 8/10 for me, a 9 if they improve with updates on the above mentioned.

Ashunderfire86255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

IGN and Gamespot didn’t give Starfield a pass. IThey gave it a 7.

wiz7191254d ago

@Crows what’s the issues ??

JackBNimble254d ago

Yeah, they corrected days gone by not making another one... ever again

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EvertonFC255d ago

Exactly, I loved days gone and never understood the it takes 20 hours to get going .
1 minute we slag a game off then another minute give a game a free pass because of it's studio name.