Alan Wake 2: 11 Minutes of New Gameplay - IGN First

Get a brand-new look at gameplay from an early mission of Alan Wake 2.

Ashunderfire8693d ago

This game is fire 🔥 especially the part with this fast moving enemies! This is definitely going to be scary asf I better get my 3D headset cause horror is big this year for games! October is a super duper crowded month lol 😆

ZwVw93d ago

Embracer were wise to move the family friendly, "Teen" rated Alone in the Dark reboot out of AW2's beastly path.

phoenixwing92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

oh the road's flooded but if you go through the trail of death you'll get there lmao xD

Edit: that's what i heard in my head when they first said the trail


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Ognipode3d ago

I think GOTY should be between this and BG3, anything else, even TOTK would be a surprise.

Armyofdarkness3d ago

I agree! The musical alone is so good and the details are incredible. Story is also top notch and it plays like RE2. My GOTY for sure!!

RaidenBlack3d ago

GOTY : Either BG3 or Alan Wake II

Ezio20483d ago


It's tracking really well too in GOTY ranking so far. Just behind BG3 and ahead of TOTK.

GamingSinceForever3d ago

It has several pros and cons when it comes to GOTY.

Pros: Music, Direction, Graphics, and Voice Acting.

Cons: Story too complex, slow pacing, weak puzzles, below average action.

If RE4 wasn’t remake I’d say it was the better game in the genre this year.

It’s all opinions in the end. Wouldn’t be upset either way.

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