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Starfield - Review | IGN France

Bethesda's ambition for Starfield is certainly there, but the means to achieve it are not all evenly distributed among its many aspects. There may be disappointment depending on what you expected, so read all the tests. But Starfield can't be blamed for being Starfield, a new license already incredibly strong and rich. The flaws don't detract from the fun the game provides, and if you want an adventure... no, epic SF adventures, take off immediately for the stars.

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Community291d ago
MrDead291d ago

Wow, we seem to be getting every IGN regional review for this one... the reviews that only seem to get posted when a game doesn't get the scores some people want.

I'll wait a while before picking up Starfield, it'll give the mods time to make the game more fun.

darthv72291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

i was curious about that too but then again IGN (like N4G) is a world wide site... not limited to one specific region. So why not have other region reviews be posted here? Its funny how some want to dismiss the other IGN reviews when they have just as much weight for their respective territory as any other. IGN is not a singular entity, so its reviews should be weighed the same as any other. IGN US gave it a 7, IGN JP a 10, and here is IGN FR with a 9... to each their own.

Maybe we should average up all the IGN region scores for this in order to get their 'true' score?

MrNinosan291d ago

Except the IGN has way more weight than the country specific ones, both in reality but also at Metacritic.

LordoftheCritics291d ago

Right but we can have Spanish outlets and unheard of outlets review bomb the game.


MrDead291d ago

I'm waiting for IGN outer Mongolia before I make up my mind


Starfield Crossed 14M, to Get Annual Story DLC; Shattered Space Set on a Planet, Is Far Harbor-Sized

Starfield has crossed the 14 million player milestone and will get annual story expansions. Shattered Space takes place on a single planet.

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Community1d 10h ago
attilayavuzer1d 8h ago

Starfield doomers punching air.

AsimLionheart1d 8h ago

Looks like you are looking to start a players vs sales debate.

purple1011d 6h ago

Il join

Here in the uk starfield is available for £12 in the bargain bins.

This doesn’t happen with Sony or Nintendo ‘s big first party games

Oh wait it isn’t first party, they were always going to have starfield anyway, they just brought the publisher and decided not to release on PlayStation

itsmebryan22h ago


Sony and Nintendo games never go to the bargain bin? Never Every? Not one game? That's a great achievement .

abstractel14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

14 million copies excluding game pass downloaders? Game was bound to be pretty successful given dev's reputation & MS's marketing. Still impressive considering it's at best an above average game that launched at 30fps. I played it on PC, so didn't have to deal with that. I liked it but this was not what I expected from the developers of Skyrim and Fallout.

Btw, is Far Harbor size a good size? Not sure if that comparison means good or bad for the DLC size-wise.

MrNinosan1d 8h ago

14 million installs out of how many GamePass subscribers?
Starfield was supposed to be THE game of the generation, and providing it for free to over 25 million users should imo have a higher install base.

I like Starfield, even bought the game, but it's sadly nowhere near a game of the generation, not even one of the best games last year.

Hope it will make the same turn around as Cyberpunk, FFXIV and No Man Sky 👍

Armaggedon1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

The way people keep turning their attention to it says otherwise. People rely too much on statistics. It doesnt matter if people stopped playing it. People stop playing games

Stanlittle1d 2h ago

Purple101 come on man stop lying I'm here and you are talking about trade in credit.

fr0sty1d ago

Trade in credit is still on sale. That means they're not moving copies as fast as they'd hoped to, so they're starting to employ different schemes to move it faster.

purple10111h ago £12 last week at game

Currently £15 at Smyths

I don’t lie
Sometimes get things wrong because I am not perfect
But lie on purpose, no

itsmebryan22h ago

Like that great poet Taylor swift said " Haters are goin' ,hate , hate..."

Obscure_Observer22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

"Starfield doomers punching air."

There´s nothing else they can do right now.

They should know better that games Bethesda Softworks has crazy legs.

So happy to know that we´ll be getting annual expansions! Bethesda is definitely better under Xbox with more money to fund their games, and more freedom to create.

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Terry_B1d 7h ago

Guess the game might be good in 2 years.

-Foxtrot1d 3h ago

May aswell wait for the final completed game then

Terry_B1d 2h ago (Edited 1d 2h ago )

Thats the plan, worked well with Cyberpunk too

Reaper22_1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

Huge numbers. Congratulations to Microsoft and Bethesda.

ChasterMies1d 6h ago

A $3 trillion company couldn’t do this without your support.

BeHunted1d 6h ago

Sony will wish they had reached 14 million players with Concord

badz1491d 5h ago


why use Concord? is it coming from a huge developer in the ballpark of Bethesda?


Spider-man 2 over 11mil units SOLD and Helldivers 2 over 12mil units SOLD. Bethesda wish they can use the word SOLD with Starfield LOL

MrNinosan1d 5h ago

Why use Concord as an example, that doesn't come with a Subscription service that is handed out for free when buying a burger?

Use Astros Playroom for a better measurement, 58+ million installs 😘

Reaper22_1d 1h ago

Doesn't matter. It's a good accomplishment. The game is a success.

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Cockney1d 6h ago

That's a possible revenue of nearly a £billion if sales were your main target

fr0sty1d ago

but instead, it wasn't, and GP subscriptions haven't risen by $3 billion, in fact, they're stagnant, so they've lost money.